November 15, 2017 Issue


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As the city of San Diego has scrambled to find solutions to the ongoing homelessness and Hepatitis A crises, El Cajon has quietly passed a series of ordinances that some say are unfairly targeting the city’s homeless population more


The issue: San Diego needs more affordable housing, and there are a few potential local ballot measures that aim to make that happen. more

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I grew up a Redskins fan. Just writing that makes me wince, because not only do I now hate the team of my youth, but the mascot name is so repugnant I can hardly stand to write it. more

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Who is he? The chef and founder at Eclipse Chocolate Bar and Bistro in South Park. more

Best of San Diego: People


Photo courtesy of the San Diego Gulls

Who is he? The 23-year-old Escondido native is the newest addition to the San Diego Gulls. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Photo courtesy of Emilie Waugh Photography

Who is she? Matthews is a wellness entrepreneur, speaker, author and writer for various fitness and wellness magazines and websites. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Who is she? Wright is the sole curator and booker of Fresh Sound, an annual series of concerts that just celebrated its 20th year. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Who is she? Poellnitz is a community organizer and curator who runs Hill Street Country Club, an art space in Oceanside that operates out of a golf apparel headquarters on Coast Highway. more

Best of San Diego: People


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Who is he? Lesley is the executive director of SPACE TIME, production manager at San Diego Art Institute, and performer with experimental bands Necking and Die Mißbildungen Des Menschen. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Photo courtesy of Derrick Tuskan / SDSU Media Relations

Who is she? The catcher for SDSU’s softball team. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Photo by Elena Seibert

Who is she? A writing coach and writer living in San Diego. more

Best of San Diego: People


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Who is he? He’s the vice chair of the Barrio Logan Community Planning Group and sits on the Environmental Health Coalition board of directors. Oh, and he’s on the editorial board of the San Diego Free Press as well. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Who is she? Hampton is a retired rugby player, triathlete, bicycle advocate and former high school coach. She also happens to run Mixte, a very successful communications and marketing firm. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Photo by Amy Bjornson

Who is she?: Skyler McCurine is a writer, storyteller, stylist and entrepreneur. more

Best of San Diego: People


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Who is she? Holly is a local chef, YouTube personality and the Season 2 winner of NBC’s Food Fighters. more

Best of San Diego: People 1 Comments

Who is he? He’s an award-winning food photographer, food activist and self-proclaimed “anarchist farmer.” more

Best of San Diego: People

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Photo by Lisa Croft

Who is she? Croft (@CCroftPoetry on all social media) is a writer and poet lighting up the local slam poetry scene with her fierce live performances. more

Best of San Diego: People


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Who is he? White is a jazz pianist, political artist and composer, not to mention one of the hardest working musicians in San Diego. more

Best of San Diego: People


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Who is she? She’s a local artist whose work deals in themes of immigration, labor and social justice issues. more

Best of San Diego: People

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Photo by Jim Sullivan

Who is he? Kurpinsky is the head bartender and spirits director at George’s at the Cove and Level2 in La Jolla (1250 Prospect St.). more

Best of San Diego: People