November 22, 2017 Issue


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For years, decades, we progressives have had to eat our holiday turkey being assailed by that relative. Maybe there’s more than one of these types of characters. Maybe it’s the entire family. Read more

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My immediate reaction, which I will stick to, is to swallow your overly-sensitive liberalism [“Swallow your pride,” Nov. 15]. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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In recent months, city officials have been gathering public input at various community meetings about plans to shift some DecoBike stations into denser urban communities from beach communities that complained about the contraptions. Read more

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As with Johnna Adams’ Gidion’s Knot, a drama staged earlier this year in InnerMission Productions’ Black Box space in University Heights, Deanna Jent’s 2012 one-act play Falling is intense almost to the breaking point. Read more



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Harrowing encounters of sexual assault are by no means unique to the music business, but Vanja James says the music industry is still 20 to 30 years behind the rest. And San Diego’s scene isn’t an exception. Read more

Music Feature


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After months of filming, the film Tony became not only a character study on one man’s experience, but a study of the homelessness situation in San Diego as well. Read more


Crowdfunding, just like any other form of raising capital to back one’s dreams, is a mixed bag. Even if goals are met, there are fees to pay (Kickstarter charges five percent in addition to payment processing fees). Read more

Thank You For Staring

Martin McDonagh’s scathing and bleak dark comedy gives the aggrieved mother a strong platform to go nuclear on male-dominated institutions that have helped fortify systemic racism and gender inequality in her rural town. Read more


The entire voice cast, which includes Gael García Bernal and Edward James Olmos in key roles, is made up of Latino performers who’ve often been relegated to one-dimensional supporting roles in previous Hollywood films. Read more



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San Diego isn’t an exception to these stories, either. Early in October, former local producer William Bensussen, aka The Gaslamp Killer, was accused of drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles after a rooftop party. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Gone are the days when everyone is looking for the cheapest food and drinks in town,” says Chris Cox, Director of Operations for OMG Hospitality Group. Read more

About Last Night


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ennis are a husband-and-wife indie pop duo and they’re kind of adorable. But more importantly, they merge a dreamy modern sound with classic pop in the vein of Fleetwood Mac. Read more

If I Were U

It’s my least favorite time of year: The time when flocks of school children, still being misled about American History in 2017, exit classrooms wearing feathered headdresses made of colorful construction paper. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

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I want to get married and start a family, but beyond his not being divorced, he doesn’t want to marry again or have children… at this time. He says this could change in the future. Read more



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Lucky for readers, Thanksgiving week is filled with plenty of stories we want to hear as well. First up is Mysterious Galaxy’s Indies First Day on Saturday, Nov. 25. Read more

Short List Event Picks

For a moment, I become lightheaded—a rush of endorphins that prime my body for the worst. “Hey buddy,” they say. “Remember us from that one time in fifth grade when you fell off the trampoline? We’re baaack.” Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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These things are meant to warm and caress the soul, but of all these bag-of-tricks items, my personal favorite winter holiday cocktail ingredient might, in fact, be the blood orange. Read more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene


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Locally, SouthNorte Beer Company exemplifies this cross-border and cross-cultural collaborative spirit. Read more

Final Draught