September 13, 2017 Issue


Imag courtesy of Fleet science center

Now in its third year, the Impossible Science Festival will teach attendees things like how to make objects invisible or how to walk on water. No, really, it will. more

Short List Event Picks


Photo by Michael Gardiner

Seven years ago, Doña Esthela opened her restaurant after a lifetime as a washerwoman (she has the hands to show for it). more

The World Fare

Ben Loory author photo credit Jennie Hettrickforweb.jpg

Photo by Jennie Hetrick

In reading Loory’s tales, one gets a sense that the barriers have been taken down. People converse with animals. Children commune with the monsters in their closet. And the distinction between flying and falling is fluid. more

Fall Arts

moises DGCforweb.jpg

Photo by Ryan Kuratomi

In serving such a diverse community, DGC has tried to expand its programming to fit the growing interest expressed by local audiences. more

Fall Arts 1 Comments


Photo courtesy of the artist

Undocumenta also features photos of artist Claudia Cano as her false persona: Rosa Hernandez, a cleaning lady who sweeps in public spaces and speaks only in Spanish. more

Fall Arts


Photo by Jamie Ballard

When Karma LaDonna found herself in a wheelchair after spending 17 years as a ballroom dancer, she was devastated. more

Fall Arts


Photo by Sam Zauscher

In:Transit explores the nature of travel, transportation and movement, and how these modes of travel connect us to our surroundings. more

Fall Arts


Photo by Alexandre Esteban

The return of the site-specific Without Walls (WOW) Festival this fall is exciting enough for theatergoers who’ve come to anticipate La Jolla Playhouse’s biennial extravaganza of immersive theater more

Fall Arts

I don’t smoke weed, but there was a point on Monday afternoon where I thought to myself that I should really start. more

From the Editor 2 Comments


Photo by Jim Carmody

Playwright Hansol Jung’s overly ambitious script weaves in and out of a political drama about the divided Korean Peninsula and an uneasy love story nearly swallowed up by the omnipresence of the internet. more


Thank you for introducing us to the fabulous eye and style that Alana Airitam brings to the art of photography [“Golden Years,” Aug. 30]. more

Letters to the Editor


Photo courtesy of the San Diego Public Library

Now a Monday through Friday oasis of assistance and empathy for San Diego’s downtrodden, the office faces an uncertain future. Grant funding for the office—a converted study room on the Central Library’s third floor—runs out at the end of the month. more

Spin Cycle

HI RES zola_Jesus_B_MG_6718_ credit_Tim_Saccentiforweb.jpg

Photo by Tim Saccenti

On the new album, she has found a way to merge her earlier, crestfallen sound with the pop treatments she used on Taiga. more

Music Feature


Photo by Javi Nunez

On Aug. 23, the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News published that the long-standing Hillcrest club NUMB3RS (3811 Park Blvd.) would permanently shutter its doors Sunday, Sept. 10. more

About Last Night


Photo by Travis Shinn

A recurring feature in which we ask musicians to name a song they never want to hear again. more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Jeff Terich

This isn’t the first time Tower Bar has been hit by a vehicle. more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Beach Rats embraces the fragmentation of confused youth through a collage of incomplete images. more



jake jung

The bravura first person slaughter that opens Jung Byung-gil’s The Villainess instills an aesthetic connection between rage and violence. more



Photo by Ian Ward

Of all the bars in San Diego, Prohibition (548 5th Ave.) undoubtedly holds the most precious place in my heart. more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene

Against Me! is one of the most important punk bands making music right now. more

If I Were U