September 27, 2017 Issue

To be honest, the annual “entertainment and art experience” (don’t dare call it a music festival!) in Del Mar isn’t exactly what we had in mind, but it’s exactly the kind of music festival San Diego would want and deserves. Read more

Music Feature


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The pop-up, interactive art exhibit that appeared in Mission Valley for a limited time this past summer is on its way to Austin, Texas for its first tour stop. Read more

Seen Local


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Friendship Park is a heavily regulated area that allows friends and family to communicate across the San Diego-Tijuana border only through a dense, metal mesh fence and only at certain times designated by U.S. Border Patrol. Read more

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Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

Last week, Mayor Kevin Faulconer let it be known how he feels about people checking rear-view mirrors to critique San Diego’s slow-to-develop approach to tackling the worst Hepatitis A outbreak in modern history. Read more

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A few weeks before Alfred Olango was shot dead by an El Cajon police officer, that city’s elected officials had an important decision to make. Read more

From the Editor


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About five years ago, the nightlife scene in North County underwent a notable renaissance. Local DJ and promoter Gabe Vega was an influential player, throwing parties at The Saloon in Encinitas. Read more

About Last Night


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The Welk production of Kiss of the Spider Woman benefits the most from its potent performances from the three leads. Read more


I must applaud John F. Scalon’s recent letter, which you titled “How to Secede Without Really Trying” [Sept. 13]. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Two new films by master directors, both opening at the Digital Gym Cinema on Friday, Sept. 29, examine the tireless work of such relentless individuals, albeit through very different lenses. Read more


Big Bloom is an easy band to root for. Their music is overflowing with energy, they never half-ass their hard-rocking live shows, and they have a pretty serious work ethic in general. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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A group of parents and volunteers associated with School of Rock San Diego have just launched a new nonprofit, Rock Out Scholarship Fund. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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Chelsea Wolfe has taken her music into a lot of strange, interesting and sometimes contradictory places throughout her career. Read more

Music Feature


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Perfume Genius’ No Shape is a lovely album of art pop that’s reminiscent of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. Read more

If I Were U


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The Moscow mule is arguably one of the most refreshing, approachable and crowd-pleasing cocktails of all time. Read more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene


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This variety of offerings includes 300 exhibitors, 52 food vendors, a bunch of carnival rides and four beer gardens stretched over a half mile of Adams Ave. between 30th and 35th streets. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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My boyfriend who dumped me says he wants to be friends (talk to me, see me sometimes), but I’m not ready for that because I’m still in love with him. Read more



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Maybe it’s the heat, or the raw agony of my chafed inner thighs, but this enlightenment forces me to realize that I do some annoying things at concert Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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Schwarzbiers to me are what pumpkin spice lattes are to sorority girls (or CityBeat columnist Ryan Bradford): sometimes available off-season, but best enjoyed when the weather starts to cool. Read more

Final Draught


Photo by Michael Gardiner

As Daddy’s Hot Dogs (1281 University Avenue) in Hillcrest proves, truly great hot dogs can be excellent things. Read more

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Aaryn Belfer

“The thing about those iconic bookstores is that they became iconic in a completely organic way,” Marko said. “None of their founders set out to become icons of the bookselling world, but they engaged with their communities." Read more

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