April 4, 2018 Issue

Although some of the states have made it legal to grow, distribute and purchase both medicinal and recreational cannabis, the federal regulatory system is a different story. Read more



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The future of local beer is hazy, but one thing is clear: San Diego is an attractive place for out-of-town brewers to set up shop. A Read more

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I still stand by that proclamation I made nearly 14 years ago: Whoever invented the forty is a genius. For college students, artists, beach bums and countless other cash-strapped demographics, the 40 represents cheap fun. Read more

Beer Issue


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Rock ‘n’ roll has inspired a lot of brewers to pattern a brew after a band, a song or even a music venue. This is especially true in San Diego. Read more

Beer Issue

Drunken Hunter: Made with increasingly rare Dragon Blood hops from an Alpine bunny farm, this cherry-tinged sour brew is perfect for cigar pairings. It might be pulled from shelves for ethics violations, but it’s only available through Nov. 6, 2018 a Read more

Beer Issue


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In his book adaptation, DeStefano declares, “Atheists today are the most arrogant, ignorant and dangerous people on Earth,” then builds his case in three sections, which I will now demolish with the wrecking balls of logic. Read more

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Just got a copy of the March 14th issue [Local Music Issue]. Now I know why I’ve never sent a CD of any band I have been in to this snotrag for appraisal. Read more

Letters to the Editor

So what’s a rising star in the Republican party to do? For Gaspar, it seems she’s trying to out-conservative the rest of her colleagues by appearing like some kind of immigration hardliner. Read more

From the Editor

On April 17, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will meet in a closed session to discuss backing the U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state laws. Read more

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Greta Kline has released dozens of short, lo-fi recordings on Bandcamp under the name Frankie Cosmos. Read more

If I Were U

For Isabel: A Mandala—written by Antonio Tabucchi and translated from the Italian into English by Elizabeth Harris and published last year by Archipelago Books—contains a multitude of mysteries. Read more

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“We can change the dominant narrative through the arts and photography, especially when we work with kids of color and kids who are displaced and who don’t necessarily always have a voice at the table,” states AjA Director Anjanette Maraya-Ramey. Read more

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It seems that Chromeo was idolizing Hall & Oates long before it was cool, and that influence plays heavily into their music. And that’s dope. Read more

The Spotlight

Ahead of Bleeding Gold’s first big festival event, give a spin to these highlights from the label’s ample catalog. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

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When Roger Preston started releasing music through his label Bleeding Gold Records in 2010, he didn’t have much of an agenda. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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From theater to visual arts, spring and fall are the two times of year that mark the beginning of new seasonal programming and offerings. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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The 10 songs on Clean are largely about trying to leave the past behind. It’s an album about looking for an escape and recovering from past traumas, but its melodies are consistently catchy and often have a soothing, comforting sensibility. Read more

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American Mariachi is extremely sentimental, but José Cruz González’s new play has its heart in the right place: wrapped around a musical art form that is deeply ingrained in Mexico’s history, culture and people. Read more


Each character bleeds into the fabric of a sleek, neon tableau with memorable precision. Katz seems right at home giving each actor (including Jon Cho in his best performance) just enough time to make an impression before moving on. Read more


Watching an artist work can be inspiring. That is not the case with Swiss sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush), who grouses and snaps throughout Stanley Tucci’s restrained biopic Final Portrait. Read more