August 29, 2018 Issue

According to figures from the California Healthy Kids Survey, teen cannabis consumption is rapidly declining despite statewide legalization more



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Oceanside, California’s city council members voted 3-2 on Aug. 8 to allow two medical cannabis delivery services in the city. more

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One of the more uplifting results of our current times has undoubtedly been the Nasty Women art exhibitions that began popping up around the country. more

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Rodney Anderson Jr. had a moment of realization watching Game of Thrones. “All I’ve seen us as is pirates and slaves.” He wondered, “why isn’t there a great house of people with a more ethnic point of origin?” more

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Duncan Hunter Jr. has joined a pantheon of former San Diego dignitaries who have found themselves facing that word every politician hopes to avoid: indictment. more

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Thank you for doing such great work and putting out such high-quality journalism. Please let your writers know how wonderful they are, and how sorry and sad it makes me that they’ve received the ugly messages and threats. more

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If Hunter is reelected in November, and he most likely will be, it will be yet another crack in our standards. more

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At one point in Seize the King, playwright Will Power’s reimagined take on Shakespeare’s Richard III, the title character makes a pointed distinction between “not the truth” and a “lie.” more


We asked San Diego musicians to tell the stories behind the first albums they ever bought. The answers were interesting and definitely not what we expected. more

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Last month, MO’s Bar & Grill (308 University Ave.) started an 18-and-over gay night called The Slay Party. more

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They reuse scraps and waste, and create their own waste- or plant-based dyes, pigments and papers. more

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Searching (opening in wide theatrical release Friday, Aug. 31) ambitiously updates the worst nightmare scenario for parents in intriguing ways. more


Cuban Food Stories begins with an introductory voiceover so obvious it’s like listening to a lazy high school student spell out their argument in a bad term paper. more



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Every Grrrl Independent Ladies showcase is well worth your time, and this one features indie folk-pop singer Lucy & La Mer, along with local bilingual hip-hop group Tulengua, who are donating money from sales of their debut to Border Angels. more

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Just as with the people we end up falling in love with, some songs and some albums find their way into our lives at the exact right moment. more

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San Diego over Labor Day weekend is often an exercise in masochism. Ever try to find a parking spot at the beach on a holiday weekend? We’d have a better chance winning the lottery. more

Short List Event Picks

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A lineup of notable music photographers are showcasing their work from throughout the San Diego scene’s history at a special exhibition next weekend. more

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22):  You can’t win if you don’t play except in the case of greyhound racing, where the real winners are the people who don’t participate in that sort of enterprise. more

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I met somebody online, and we have a real connection, but he is agoraphobic and hasn’t really left his bedroom for 10 years. more


It’s been a hell of a summer, and it’s charred my once-benign outlook. And I’ve decided to have enemies now. more

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