February 7, 2018 Issue

Larry Baza has a lifelong passion for the arts, as evidenced by his nearly four decades of experience as an arts administrator. Read more

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Tempers flared yet again when a few dozen nationalists showed up to Chicano Park on Saturday for the “Patriot Picnic 2.0.” Read more

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Karras has just released The Passionate High, a guide to using cannabis for improving sexual intimacy between partners. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

In an industry that has a reputation for exploitation and nefarious practices, Hughes is a grounding force, ultimately doing her part to keep women safe. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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Every fetish has a home. Whether it’s stygiophilia—arousal at the thought of hellfire and eternal damnation—or just a good ol’ fashioned leather fetish, somewhere, someone else is down with it. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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Over the years I’ve found that instead of struggling for a last minute reservation at the typical “romantic” bistro, there are some under-the-radar places (some don’t even take reservations) that are a better option. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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“Why don’t we do the 60 days of sex challenge?” Tony DiLorenzo remembers asking his wife, Alisa, 10 years ago in their Poway home. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


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A lot has been made about the Encinitas-based Jacobs’ age (if she wins, she’d be the youngest woman ever to be elected to the House) and her family (yes, that Jacobs, as in Qualcomm)... Read more

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I was surprised by the vitriol expressed by letter writer Marshall Mallory toward columnist Alex Zaragoza and the views she expressed in her Jan. 24 column Read more

Letters to the Editor

It’s not Valentine’s Day without a playlist full of jams to set the right mood, whether that’s romance, sexytime or bitter breakups. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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Sure Fire Soul Ensemble guitarist Nick Costa has launched a new solo project called My Mynd. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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The aesthetic formula on Doug Tuttle’s first three solo albums is simple enough: Write flawless pop-rock songs, then cocoon them in a gentle psychedelic haze. Read more

Music Feature


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San Diego’s been producing some spectacularly nasty metal of late (very proud of this), and Pissed Regardless is one of the bands making it. Read more

If I Were U

With A Ciambra, director Jonas Carpignano fuses two classic Italian genres—the neo-realist fable and blue-collar gangster saga. Read more


Now in its 28th year, the event once again confronts the ongoing emotional and psychological ripples of that cataclysmic event in such films as Drawing Against Oblivion and The Invisibles. Read more



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The ingenuity of playwright Qui Nguyen is on exuberant display in the San Diego Repertory Theatre’s production of his 2015 play Vietgone. Read more



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Whether it’s a first date or 50 years after the first one, Valentine’s Day plans can be tricky. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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​I’m often surprised when women claim they never fake it. Some of the women making these claims are friends who never do store returns because dealing with cashiers is too confrontational for them. Read more

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Best to stick with innocuous, un-pointed questions like, “See any good movies lately?” or “Have any hobbies?” or “What’s your position on ferret prohibition?” Read more

Sordid Tales

Chuck Ragan and his music are examples of healthy masculinity. And while it’s a slippery slope to try and define that without sounding exclusionary, everything that Ragan produces sounds insular, weighty, loud and lonely. Read more

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