May 30, 2018 Issue

A look into the recent history of Lux Art Institute in Encinitas serves as a cautionary tale. Read more

Thank You For Staring

This is yet another disturbing story related to government agencies’ abuse of power and lack of oversight, in which already-vulnerable children become victims. Read more

, CityWeek

Aaryn Belfer’s May 21, 2018, article titled “The right to vote” included statements from Laila Aziz about her meeting and interactions with San Diego Sheriff’s Department staff that were inaccurate. Read more

Letters to the Editor

If you know someone who seems a little too hyper-focused on national politics, slide into their DMs or reply to their tweets this week and ask them how they’re feeling about a candidate down the ballot. Read more

From the Editor


Photo by Torrey Bailey

Throughout his career, Warren has created various sonic art installations for the Museum of Making Music, as well as teaching electronic music, audio programming and sound design at SDSU. Read more



Photo by Lara McCaffrey

Dispensary and cultivator Outliers Collective (OutCo) is one of the San Diego County businesses invested in the June 5 primary election. Read more


The simmering tension of The Madres takes awhile to boil, but when it does, Stephanie Alison Walker’s play overflows the theater with passion and anguish. Read more


George Saunders has done the impossible: He’s written a supernatural novel populated by dead people that’s entirely original and deeply moving. Read more

The Floating Library

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Be like the noble termite: working hard everyday in spite of never being recognized for your good efforts because they’re all extremely destructive and mindlessly selfish. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


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This year marks 10 years since Iceage founded, and they’re arguably a much different band. And considering their youth at the time they started playing together, that was probably inevitable. Read more

Music Feature


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Last year’s I Love You Like A Brother turned out to be one of my favorite albums of 2017 not only because it was catchy as hell, but it also displayed an emotional honesty that young artists rarely show. Read more

The Spotlight

Picking up where 2016’s Live Isolated left off, Living Posture finds Flores becoming more eclectic with his soundscapes, as well as trimming down their running time. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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The Che Cafe reopened this month after being closed for a year to have some repairs and renovations done. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

What can be said is First Reformed manages to sublimely inspire great conviction out of impenetrable darkness. Read more


Near the end of Upgrade, Grey screams to STEM, “I can’t keep up!” One day in the near future we’ll all probably be saying the same thing. Read more



Photo by Joe Dilworth

Curtis Harding plays a psychedelic, garagey style of soul that recalls Sly and the Family Stone, and it’s very cool. But I’m even more enthusiastic about Algiers, whose The Underside of Power was my favorite album of 2017. Read more

If I Were U

After a month of incidents exposing (finally) just how frequently living-while-being-Black means dealing with white folks intent on depriving us of the right to breathe without permission, I’m past tired of white people acting a damn fool. Read more

A Side-Eye of Sanity


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I told myself I wasn’t going to write about this whole Kelly-Sadler-Must-Apologize-to-John-McCain hubbub, but that was before reading something that made commenting unavoidable. Read more

Sordid Tales 1 Comments

For us, there are two events that mark the beginning of summer: There’s the San Diego County Fair (more on that below) and there’s the annual Art Around Adams. Read more

Short List Event Picks


Photo courtesy of Setting Sun Sake

There’s a staleness permeating the San Diego craft beer scene. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed more squabbling about styles, trash talking tap lists and bickering about beer economics than I ever have in years past. Read more

Final Draught 1 Comments