May 9, 2018 Issue

This summer, it’s time to get out and experience all the things we’ve always wanted to do... but never did. Read more

Summer Guide

Just two weeks after the caravan of Central American refugees arrived at the Tijuana border, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Border Field State Park on Monday to meet with officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Read more

, CityWeek

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As someone who’s historically written about the arts and covers politics, I get pumped when the two intersect. Read more

From the Editor

Your outrage about California spending billions on expenses related to illegals and “using our taxes and draining legitimate business interests” suggests possible acute cognitive dissonance [“Letters,” May 2]. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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The cannabis industry is growing now that recreational sales are legal, but some local cannabis businesses are finding it difficult to advertise to consumers. Read more



Photo illustration by John Lamb

We’ve come to expect fearmongering in our political battles, but what San Diego has experienced in this race in the last week might even get ol’ red-baiter Joe McCarthy to peer out of his grave in appreciation. Read more

Spin Cycle 1 Comments

Dinners are a whole different beast when it comes to having an almost-eighth grader. She’s not a girl, but not yet a woman. Thank you, Britney Spears. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels


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Therapy is part of an increasingly more active hardcore scene in San Diego, which includes like-minded bands such as Heat and Karbonite. Read more

Music Feature


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Anyone who missed out on Hot Snakes’ show at The Casbah in March might be regretting that decision. Read more

If I Were U

The tambourine-shaking “No Reward” is classic power pop without the studio polish, and “Prom Song” finds the catchiest way to be antagonistic, with its chorus of “Hey hey, I hate you.” Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

For a film with such an impersonal title, Racer and the Jailbird is an unabashedly personal work, pushing aside conventional genre tropes to focus on themes of intimacy and disappointment. Read more


Sebastián Lelio’s Disobedience, a deathly serious drama that considers the intersection between sexuality and faith within London’s Jewish Orthodox community, once again casts McAdams against type. Read more


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Photo by Adriana Zuniga-Williams

Its songs may seem old (they are), but the longest-running Broadway musical revue ever is still blessed with the endurance and exuberance of youth. Read more



Photo courtesy of the New Children’s Museum

When The New Children’s Museum (NCM) relocated and reopened 10 years ago, people knew it was a game-changer. Read more

Short List Event Picks


Photo by John Audley

Considering San Diego has more than 250 days of (at least partly) sunny weather per year, it’s eye-roll-worthy that day parties are largely reserved for the summer season. Read more

About Last Night

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): I know the saying, but if you were to literally jump out of the frying pan it’s likely you’d just land on the stove and from there it’s a clean getaway. Read more

Astrologically Unsound

Then, the candy kicks in. Hard. And three successive events send me into a shame spiral. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward 1 Comments


Photo by Mitch Wilson / Lunarmaps Photography

Back in 2016, when dancey post-punk group Glass Spells were getting ready to release their self-titled album, the band was looking for a way to set the show apart from other live music events. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Davey Landeros

It’s been a little over two years since opening, and Burning Beard (785 Vernon Way) has been making a lot of noise. Read more

Revenge of the Beer Nerd

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Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

I’ve come to believe the real reason I didn’t love wings might have been because I hadn’t yet tasted the Korean fried chicken wings at Cross Street (4403 Convoy St.) in Kearny Mesa’s Convoy District. Read more

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