November 28, 2018 Issue


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It certainly wasn’t simple to pick the winners, but the stories below were the ones that really stood out to us. Hopefully they’ll make for some suitable fireside reading material. Read more

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The Mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastelum, declared an official humanitarian crisis on Friday but said he would not use any of the city’s resources for the migrants and instead asked the United Nations for help. Read more


When your Voter Guide came out [Oct. 10], I put it away and got it out when my daughter and I started filling out our ballots. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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If speaking up in support for progressive immigration policies can seemingly only help local progressive politicians, why aren’t more doing just that? Read more

From the Editor

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Bad choices have consequences. I mean, who do you think you are? Bank of America? Wells Fargo? JPMorgan Chase? Citigroup? (List continues for several pages). Read more

Astrologically Unsound

Iconic rock club The Casbah is turning 30 years old in January and the venue has been steadily rolling out show announcements for its anniversary month. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Fucked Up always been an album band, and a great one at that. Read more

The Spotlight

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California’s three cannabis licensing authorities are due to release the third phase of regulations for adult-use and manufacturing of cannabis in early December. Read more



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Clint Black’s Looking for Christmas would fit nicely among the Hallmark Channel’s sugary and sentimental holiday movies. Read more



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“Everything I’ve ever written deals with grief in some way,” says the singer-songwriter and Oregon native. “Even my purest love songs have grief as a current running through them.” Read more

Music Feature


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So I received an unnerving extortion scam email recently and it freaked me the freak out. This is no easy task. Read more

Sordid Tales

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If legend holds true, the Old West was a place of brutal uncertainty that dealt many an unlucky hand. People lived and died moment-to-moment, town-to-town and bullet-to-bullet. Read more


Chef Flynn (opening Friday, Nov. 30, at the Ken Cinema) claims its importance through access: Meg’s video documentation of her son’s rapid ascent makes up much of the footage. Read more


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Photo by Kristy Benjamin

El Ten Eleven play mostly instrumental soundscapes created by looping, effects, vamping and all sorts of technical wizardry. However they do it, the result is hypnotizing. Read more

If I Were U

In March of 2016, Jim Harrison was found dead at his writing desk in Patagonia, Arizona. Read more

The Floating Library


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There are a ton of holiday celebrations this week and while some readers will be tempted to attend a light-centric event close to home. Read more

Short List Event Picks

It’s up to all of us to make our representatives act right and work to meet our needs at every stage of the process. Read more

A Side-Eye of Sanity


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At Yummy House, the skin truly was the dish’s greatest glory. The meat was slightly under-seasoned, but still juicy and tasty. Read more

The World Fare

This year, I asked a few San Diego beer personalities what local beers they’re most looking forward to pairing with food, family and festivities. Read more

Final Draught