October 24, 2018 Issue

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): It’s illegal to open the zoo cages but it’s perfectly fine to spend years helping the animals acquire human language and then explaining how they can get out themselves. Loophole. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


Photo by Jim Carmody

With Brett Kavanaugh’s and Christine Blasey Ford’s testimonies still fresh, Actually’s he said/she said narrative couldn’t be more timely. Read more


In my notes I wrote, “I knew it would suck but not this badly.” Read more



Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

Political campaigns rarely deliver candy to the trick-or-treat bags of a yearning electorate. We’d be lucky if we get a bruised apple, a box of raisins or some other wrinkly dried fruit more suitable for a lunch box. Read more

Spin Cycle 1 Comments

I have been an avid reader of CityBeat since it was called something else so long ago that I can’t remember what that was. Read more

Letters to the Editor

A quick primer on that July vote: Back in 2017, City Attorney Mara Elliott issued a memo stating that short-term STVRs were illegal in any part of the city. T Read more

From the Editor 1 Comments

The group’s frontman is made of hundreds of pounds of steel and seemingly controlled by a mysterious brain encased in glass. Read more



Photo by Oscar Aranda

Club Sabbat turned 20 this year and if it’s continuing popularity is any indication, goth nights are having a bit of a, eh, resurrection in San Diego. Read more

Music Feature 1 Comments


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Here is a schedule of hand-selected, electronic-music-driven events for those who want to keep wearing their costumes. Read more

About Last Night

We asked some people in the music scene what races and measures they’re following closely in the midterm election. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio 1 Comments

Paul Greengrass (United 93, The Bourne Supremacy) and Gareth Evans (The Raid: Redemption, The Raid 2) are two such filmmakers with new work that’s premiered on Netflix in October. Read more


For much of Black ’47 (opening Friday, Oct. 26, at the Digital Gym Cinema), the Irish are passive sufferers awaiting an inevitable demise. Read more



Photo courtesy of Exploded View

Exploded View’s music kind of freaks us out, but in a good way. It’s dark, moody, discordant at times, and hears like Nico fronting Suicide. Read more

If I Were U

This is my fifth year of curating CityBeat’s 24-hour horror marathon, so this year I’ve decided to pull out all the stops with a bunch of relentless picks. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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Here is what I know: Separation of a child from a parent should only ever be done as a last resort. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels


Photo courtesy of Brujitxs Del Barrio

It’s (finally) the season for haunted happenings: Hallowe’en, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints’ Day, All Souls Day, Dia de los Muertos, etc., but overall, it’s a time of mischief, remembering the dead, and (of course) trick-or-treating. Read more

Short List Event Picks


Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

What’s that ominous sound San Diego’s dim sum restaurant owners are hearing? Well, it’s the drumbeat announcing the arrival of Din Tai Fung (4301 La Jolla Village Drive) at Westfield UTC. Read more

The World Fare


Photo by Ian Ward

New Orleans bartender Walter Bergeron supposedly created the Vieux Carré in the late 1930s at the Carousel Bar inside the Hotel Monteleone. Read more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene


Photo courtesy of AleSmith

Evil Dead Red ale by AleSmith Brewing Company (9990 AleSmith Ct.) qualifies as a treat. Read more

Final Draught