July 3, 2019 Issue


Photo by Demetrious

I could go on for days about my love of Outkast. But while most of us spent the majority of the ’90s and early ’00s thinking it was Andre that was the real star of the group, I’ve come around to thinking it was Big Boi who was the real artist. Read more

The Spotlight

I would have gambled on this record for $10 so 50 cents was a huge success. Sometimes, a little less sleep ends up paying off. Read more

Black Gold 1 Comments

Flesh-eating zombies are purely an American invention. Since the undead first showed up in George Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, they’ve also served as allegories to our uniquely American turmoils. Read more



Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

The recent war of digitized words between San Diego mayoral contenders Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry over housing philosophies was many things to behold, but elucidating it wasn’t. Read more

Spin Cycle

As awful as the writer’s account of creative freelancers being taken advantage of is, I am not surprised [“Artists pay the price,” From the Editor, June 5]. Read more

Letters to the Editor

We all process a limited amount of information. Even when we do process that limited amount of information, we retain even less of it. Read more

From the Editor

We live in a world that has grown bored with #MeToo, that ho-hums when brave and credible women like Carroll, like Christine Blasey Ford tell the truth about the hideous men who hurt them. And instead, the hideous men get ahead. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels 2 Comments


Image by Ryan Bradford

It’s Friday, but I look at a calendar just to make sure it isn’t marked “Shit On Ryan Week,” because, oh lord, it’s been A. Week. A week full of Mondays. A week where even Garfield would’ve said oof. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


Photo by Cathryn Beeks

Lady Brain Fest (LBF) is all about celebrating sisterhood in a tranquil environment where everyone is welcome. Read more

Short List Event Picks


Photo by Ken Jacques

More than five years after Lamb’s Players’ 'Mixtape' ended its lengthy residency at the Horton Grand Theatre in downtown, the ’80s musical revue is back, this time at Lamb’s Coronado venue. Read more



Photo by Jackie Bryant

In the last month alone, I have probably fielded a dozen or so requests for advice about traveling with cannabis. Read more

CannaBitch 2 Comments


Photos by Oscar Aranda

For years, the San Diego music scene has often been fractured, with bands struggling to find an audience as they compete for booking to open for larger touring acts. Read more

Music Feature

All of it points to a filmmaker who thinks very highly of himself, thanks in no small part to the many critics (some of whom are glorified publicists) that have dubbed him the second coming of Stanley Kubrick. Read more


Tracy Edwards was tired of being told no when she finally decided to recruit an all-women sailing team for the 1989-90 Whitbread Round the World Race. Read more



Photo by Rick Rodney

Are psych-rockers Earthless the best local band? It’s possible. Read more

If I Were U


Illustrations by Carolyn Ramos

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): The past goes back forever and the future never seems to end, so consider yourself lucky to live in the present, but that will be over pretty soon. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

Meals at Animalón are outdoors, under the protecting arbor of a 200-year-old live oak and on a section of the Casa Magoni vineyard that Animalón shares with Finca Altozano, another Plascencia restaurant. Read more

The World Fare


Photo by Beth Demmon

Head brewer Chris Gillogly cut his brewing chops in places like Green Flash Brewing Company and Groundswell Brewing Company before moving to OG40. Read more

Final Draught


Photo courtesy of The Guild Bar

An incredible use of the rum can be found at The Guild Bar (500 West Broadway), which just opened inside The Guild Hotel in Downtown. Read more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene