March 27, 2019 Issue


Photo by Josh Cheuse

“The American dream is such a universal idea,” Ondara says, explaining that Kenyans back home think of the United States as a beacon for economic opportunity and personal freedom. Read more

Music Feature

The Al Noor Mosque, the Linwood Islamic Center, the Tree of Life synagogue, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Lo, my heart. How’s yours? Read more

Backwards & in High Heels 4 Comments


Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

U.S. Army Reserve Col. Elliot Schroeder recalled shouldering the blame for directing a convoy into a deadly 2003 ambush by Iraqi forces. Read more

Spin Cycle 1 Comments

Hi Mr. Combs. I just want to thank you for your sensitivity concerning the band ‘Loosen The Noose’ insensitivity toward the many, many deceased African Americans who had nooses places around their necks Read more

Letters to the Editor


Photo Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

For younger locals, the dream of finding their own place seems like a pipe dream at best. Read more

From the Editor 3 Comments

Over the years, however, I’ve become a better music consumer—listening with more of my heart and less of my head. I’ve come to realize that Wavves are really fun. Read more

The Spotlight

How did I end up in a house in Clairemont grabbing bargain first pressings and having knives thrown by my head? Well, a week prior, I had met this lady piggybacking off of someone else’s yard sale in Ocean Beach. Read more

Black Gold 1 Comments

WHY, courtesy of Lissa Coronaforweb.jpg

Image courtesy of Lissa Corona

Corona and Marina have been long-time friends and colleagues since their time at the San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) where Corona was formerly the education director and interim executive director. Read more



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Modern-day smoking techniques continue to adapt. Some, like vaping, utilize essential oils to achieve the same pleasant goals. I’ve been using Select CBD’s disposable, teal-colored vape pens for over a year. Read more


Canadian rockers Black Mountain often get lumped into the psych-rock genre, but the truth is that they’ve been putting out some of the most enjoyable and innovative hard-rock around for over 15 years. Read more

If I Were U

China’s massive early 2000s economic growth and development boom was, in many respects, a bet on the future. But whose future exactly? Read more


From a technical standpoint, it’s hard to imagine a more brutal and unflinching orchestration of mass violence than the acts depicted in Hotel Mumbai. Read more


Aries (March 21 - April 19): If things keep going the way they’re going for you, I would look into investing in some kind of high-powered flame retardant gel like the kind stunt doubles use. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


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For its annual presentation of two shows in rotating repertory, Cygnet Theatre is staging a 25th anniversary production of Tony Kushner’s epic Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. Read more



Photo by Julieta Cervantes

When it comes to opera, notions of morality or what constitutes scandalous behavior often seem antiquated by today’s standards. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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It’s human hair, I think. It’s too late. I touch the hairball. It’s stiff, brittle—how I imagine the still-growing hair of a corpse feels. I pull my hand away and shudder. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

San Diego’s Chinese food scene is often disrespected and not entirely without reason. This town’s Chinese food lacks the depth of the Bay Area’s scene and the breadth of options in the San Gabriel Valley. Read more

The World Fare


Photo courtesy of Coronado Brewing Co.

In the 10-plus years I’ve lived in San Diego, I can only recall visiting Imperial Beach three times. Read more

Final Draught 4 Comments


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Jeune et Jolie is not only a meticulously designed and alarmingly alluring restaurant, but just as beautiful are the intricacies of the dishes, the thoughtfulness of the beverage program and the warmth of the staff. Read more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene