March 6, 2019 Issue

AFI frontman Davey Havok has always felt like something of a trend-chaser—an artist who never seems to be satisfied in the genre he’s in. Read more

The Spotlight

My experiences in school were bad. I was bullied, beaten up, stalked, assaulted and harassed from my first day of preschool to my last day of high school. Read more

Letters to the Editor


Photo courtesy of Natives Like Water

In the last couple of years, Native American communities are becoming increasingly outspoken about environmental threats, one of those being the Trump administration’s interest in opening California’s coast to offshore drilling. Read more

News 4 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad’s advice while watching both Democratic and Republican members of Congress come after Rep. Ilhan Omar for her supposedly anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter a few weeks ago. Read more

From the Editor 1 Comments

Machacek spent a good part of the past three years in his studio. During that time, he has married paper with ink, paint and a myriad of other media to give life to his upcoming exhibition, Music in the Key of Blue. Read more



Photo by Emiliano Ledezma

The “cult” in this instance is Tulengua, the bi-national, cross-border, bilingual and multi-racial hip-hop trio made up of Jordan (aka La Reina Negra), Lilienthal (aka alan lili) and Jaime Mora (aka Jimmy, aka Jimmy.thevillain). Read more

Local Music Issue


Photo by Lizeth Santos

Rhythm Box is the second of 12(!) full-length albums that Rafter (who performs under his first name) plans to release over the next 12 months. Read more

Local Music Issue

We only received 77 submissions last year, which was a little scary, but I’m happy to report we received nearly 120 this year (almost a new record). As has always been the case with this issue, the review process was completely luck of the draw. Read more

Local Music Issue 1 Comments

As the first film centered on a female superhero in this epically never-ending series, Captain Marvel thankfully refuses to align itself with Marvel’s corporatized brand of patriarchy. Read more


Most gangster films follow the same rise-and-fall arc: young enterprising criminals make a name for themselves by killing their way to the top. Read more


It’s been 20 years since I graduated. I still have no idea when the hell that happened. On the one hand, it may explain why I’m swiftly turning into a snarkier version of my mama. Read more

A Side-Eye of Sanity 1 Comments


Photo courtesy of Robert Hertzberg

Banking remains one of the greatest challenges when it comes to owning a cannabis business. Read more



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March is Women’s History Month, and March 8 is International Women’s Day. And while there are certainly plenty of events over the next month for women to celebrate. Read more

Short List Event Picks

Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Everyone has interior lives just like you. Well, not just like you. Not everybody is thinking about you all day long. That’s not what I meant. Don’t read it that way. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


Photo by James Sakert

We can’t readily tell you to check out Black Midi’s music online because, well, there isn’t any. Read more

If I Were U

As long as we see things as American problems or Mexican problems or Central American problems, and so forth, we make ourselves blind to a humanitarian crisis that isn’t going away, yet cries out for a solution. Read more

The Floating Library


Photo by Christopher Ash

Hershey Felder’s one-man play with music (and what music!) is much more than a kind of “Beethoven 101.” Rather, Hershey Felder, Beethoven is a thoughtfully immersive dramatization of the life of one of the world’s great musical geniuses. Read more


I read an interesting article in Men’s Health called, “6 Things Men Get Wrong about Boobs.” The article, written by Lauren Larson, focused on how to improve the various, not-so-eloquent ways men touch and/or address breasts during a sexual encounter. Read more

Sordid Tales

Lechon Pork with Cauliflower Three Ways awaiting the Tecate Beer Demiglace at Amores[1]forweb.jpg

Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

There was a time, not so long ago, when few San Diego foodies would have expected to find the best “fine dining” restaurant in our region south of the border. Was it prejudice? Jingoism? Or was it just ignorance? Read more

The World Fare


Photo by Dee Aann Skaines

BNS has hosted country, bluegrass and other affiliated groups at their Santee brewing and distilling facility for years. Read more

Final Draught