May 15, 2019 Issue


Photo by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

One piece that particularly highlights that is “Xicana,” which depicts a young person covered by a Mickey Mouse blanket with Otomi symbols on the walls. Read more

Seen Local

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Photo by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

Back in 2016, Doñate envisioned creating a project that encouraged a unified arts community in the South Bay. Read more


No, this isn’t about to be yet another down-with-the-patriarchy piece; I don’t lament or call for shit that’s never going to happen. Read more

A Side-Eye of Sanity

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So what does he want to do exactly? For starters, he says one of the first things he’d try to do once elected is to solidify “a defined policy” on how the city tackles urban planning. Read more

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I have an idea on how to screw-up visual communication by redefining an established gesture [“Fight for your right to use the OK symbol,” Sordid Tales, May 1]: The showing of teeth while smiling could be taken to mean you want to dine on my flesh Read more

Letters to the Editor


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For those who don’t know, the California Act to Save Lives is an officer use-of-force bill that would reform, or rather, update the language in which officers can use lethal force from “reasonable” to “necessary.” Read more

From the Editor


Photo by Daren Scott

The athleisure clothing biz gets a skewering in Moxie Theatre’s production of Yoga Play, which also purports to analyze cultural appropriation and gender dynamics. Read more



Photo by Lara McCaffrey

It’s around 4 p.m. at the Mission Tower venue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and a cannabis education event called GoodLife Cannabis Seminar Series is winding down, but still lively. Read more



Photo by Alexandra Adcock

It would be an understatement to call Hana Vu a prodigy. Read more

If I Were U

Former Pope Benedict XVI thinks progressivism caused the molestation problem. Read more

Sordid Tales

No recent film has tested the limits of this form quite like The Biggest Little Farm, a whimsically pretty portrait of organic endurance and resilience in the technology age. Read more


Trial by Fire (opening Friday, May 17) is trite from start to finish, and sadly continues the once reliable Zwick’s recent descent into complete irrelevance. Read more


Now, brace your sunburnt selves, because OhCult joins the ranks of San Diego’s darkest bands with their new four-song EP, Occult. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Erika Nakatani

Tatsuya Nakatani has become something of a legend among fans of noise music in San Diego. A percussionist and sound artist from Osaka, Japan, he plays with gongs, drum toms and other percussion instruments. Read more

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Photo by Libby Zanders

Every now and again, the stars align and something strange happens. An unexpected phenomenon, so bizarre and random, that scientists rush to their respective labs to study the mystery. Read more

The Spotlight


Photo by George Clanton

Talk to Lindsey French for more than 10 minutes and one quickly learns she’s hardly apathetic. In fact, the solo artist has the drive and determination of a valedictorian who’s just getting started. Read more

Music Feature

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Just as with building a house, you must first start with laying a foundation. But just like with laying a foundation, you have to know how to do it correctly or you’re screwed. Read more

Astrologically Unsound

I read The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina, Frank Rich’s account of George W. Bush’s presidency, during the run up to the release of the heavily redacted Mueller Report. This was definitely not a good idea Read more

The Floating Library


Image courtesy of San Diego Museum of Art

Whereas autumn is when many San Diego arts orgs debut much of their new programming, the gallery and museum scene often unveils some great shows and exhibitions in the summer. Read more

Short List Event Picks


Photo by Beth Demmon

One of the newest voices joining the fight against the systemic issues in the local beer produced by Audrey Olena. Read more

Final Draught