May 8, 2019 Issue

I was at my daughter’s track meet when I learned of the shooting at the Chabad Synagogue in Poway. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels 2 Comments


Photo courtesy of West Coast Cannabis Tours

For readers looking for a new way to experience San Diego’s cannabis culture outside their own home this summer, look no further. Read more



Photos by Carlitos Galvan

Even at its most mechanized, there’s a very human sensitivity at the heart of O/X’s work. Read more

Music Feature


Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

Perhaps Tony Krvaric should consider posting a Craigslist ad. Read more

Spin Cycle

I was recently scanning your newspaper while my car was getting washed, a nice car that I worked very hard for in a system that has brought more people in the history of the world out of poverty: capitalism. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Still, even while “our tax dollars” make up a microscopic portion of an overall city or county budget, we often feel like we have an unspoken deal with those in charge of those budgets to spend that money wisely. Read more

From the Editor


Photo by Aaryn Belfer

Is there a better time than summer to bond with our pups? Read more

Summer Guide


Photo by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

Every so often, I get this urge to get out of the house and actually explore the diverse and beautiful city I live in. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo by Julia Dixon Evans

Instead of a smelly, overpriced gym, readers should head to one of the many free public “fitness parcourses” peppered throughout the city. Read more

Summer Guide


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While there’s no shame in purchasing an affordable box wine (well, maybe a little shame), summer is arguably one of the better times to make drinking a social affair. Read more

Summer Guide


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There’s certainly no shortage of nightlife options, but they’re often filled with folks who’d much rather post stunting, FOMO-type stories than actually enjoying the moment. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo courtesy of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

While CityBeat isn’t a particularly fancy publication, I often like to occasionally get out and pretend like I am [drinks mug of Keurig coffee, pinky up]. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo courtesy of Rooftop Cinema Club

Going to the movies in the summer is practically ritualistic and, because San Diego is the best, there are some cool ways to experience films like no other city. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo by Peggy Peattie

I’ll admit, I’ve posted some epic rage tweets, but here’s the thing: Doing triple-axels and getting into debates on social media ain’t gonna get us out of this mess. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo by Jessica Bradford

As the internet becomes increasingly more toxic by the day, animal content might be the last good thing we have left. But for those looking for some real-life furry friends (animals, not furries), San Diego has plenty of opportunities to get wild. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo by Seth Combs

It’s time to venture out and find some new ways to game that don’t require a screen. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo courtesy of San Diego County Fair

Capturing those moments is certainly nice, but what’s even nicer is actually seeing the show, looking over at a friend and smiling and singing along together. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo by Vanessa Diaz

I don’t want to come off as a self-righteous advocate of casting away screens, but I do believe in the rejuvenating power of [adjusts monocle] analog bibliophilia. Read more

Summer Guide


Photo courtesy of Bronwyn Huddleson Photography

Over the years—and with the addition of an Amazon Prime membership—I’ve gotten in the habit of shopping online for everything and anything. Read more

Summer Guide

Summer movie cycles typically resemble one long wave of momentum, hype and fandom that continuously crests for three months straight. Read more