September 11, 2019 Issue

It started about 3 years ago: An African seller at the swap meet would always say “Lee” when I approached and we’d embrace like long lost brothers. There’s a certain unspoken camaraderie that black folks have while existing in a Caucasian sea. Read more

Black Gold


Photo by Vicky Torres

Every major film festival eventually faces the challenges associated with leadership change, but there are no such concerns regarding Diana Agostini’s recent appointment as the new executive director of San Diego Italian Film Festival. Read more

Fall Arts

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Photo courtesy of Judah & the Lion

“It has become a beacon of hope for me. It’s been so helpful to have my brother and bandmate feel the same things as me and ask him about it and find there’s still hope." Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Manuel Rotenberg

Occurring every other year since 2013, WOW typically features performance and interactive art. Read more

Fall Arts


Image courtesy of La Jolla Athenaueum

Longtime local artist Ellen Salk is in a period of change. Salk’s work in recent years has involved pieces that showcase her penchant—and talent—for a complex surface in her paintings. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Ryan Bradford

The small press has been running for only a few years, but the impact they’ve had on the San Diego zine, poetry and fiction communities has already been profound. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo courtesy of San Diego Repertory Theatre

“It’s the first narco comedy ever,” said Siguenza, whose collaborators on Bad Hombres/Good Wives include one of his Culture Clash partners, Ric Salinas. Read more

Fall Arts


Cat Scan and Susan by Abby banks, Therapy by Oscar Aranda

Now, 10 years into running the label, Oliver has a better grasp on what he’s doing. “I feel like I’ve sorted through a lot of the mess,” Oliver says on a Sunday afternoon at Dark Horse Coffee. Read more

Music Feature


Illustrations by Carolyn Ramos

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): It could turn out that the permanent record your vice principal warned you about is real and that this week you’ll be arrested for cutting across the decorative lawn in 1999. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


Photo by Alessandra Mello/Berkeley Repertory Theatre

What makes this all so disappointing is that Kiss My Aztec!, a co-production of the Playhouse and Berkeley Repertory Theatre, was written by Berkeley Rep artistic director Tony Taccone and the multitalented John Leguizamo. Read more



Photo courtesy of South Bay Pride Art and Music Festival

Although the glitter and glam of Hillcrest’s Pride festivities may have faded, pride never really ends in Southern California. Nor should it! And the celebration continues at The South Bay Pride Art and Music Festival. Read more

Short List Event Picks

A friend recently told me that he no longer feels any desire to go to Coachella. “I just feel like I aged out of it,” he said. I then asked if he’s now in the KAABOO age bracket. “Oh no, not that old.” Read more

The Spotlight


Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

As if the 2020 San Diego political landscape wasn’t already awash in enough campaign drama. Read more

Spin Cycle

After suffering through a summer blockbuster season dominated by sequels nobody wanted and Disney reboots most everyone hated, it looks like the fall awards season will be no less taxing. Read more



Photo by Jackie Bryant

Up until, well, just a couple of days ago, I’ll admit to being one of the many people who didn’t think cannabis had much of a place in beverages that traditionally contain alcohol. Read more

CannaBitch 1 Comments


Photo by Christina Liu / @thelonelyeyelid

There are a lot of fantastic, hard-rocking bands on this bill, namely Forest Grove. I just can’t get enough of their goth-tinged thrash/punk. I’d say that a band like Forest Grove only comes around once in a lifetime. Read more

If I Were U


Photo by Ryan Bradford

“You know, you can sell those on eBay for good money,” Carrie says. “I knew someone who once got, like, $200 for one.” At those words, my eyes dilate and my veins constrict. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward 2 Comments


Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

The classic Chicago hot dog starts with a beef frankfurter and is accompanied by diced onions, fresh tomatoes, Day-Glo green relish, a pickle spear, yellow mustard and pickled chili pepper and a sprinkling of celery salt. Read more

The World Fare 1 Comments


Photo by Karen Barnett

Collaborations are as hot as ever, with some San Diego breweries pouring more collaborations than their own original recipes. Read more

Wort Mentioning