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Aaryn is an opinionated woman who will say anything and stop at nothing when it comes to fighting for racial and social justice. She has a penchant for 4-inch heels, straight-ahead jazz, and beautifully structured sentences. She's deeply committed to her family yet she refuses, under any circumstance, to deny her lust for Javier Bardem. Though...lately, Michael B. Jordan has been blowin' her hair back; it's safe to say, May-December romances are more socially acceptable than ever. Aaryn will tirelessly—and to the death—defend Monica Lewinsky, and not just because she has enviable hair: We all know that if we were in her MLew's shoes, we'd have walked that same damn mile in a blue Gap dress. Ms. Belfer would like to officially change her name to Aaryn Darling because she likes the way it sounds upon being introduced at cocktail parties.

Must we really go through this still? It's 2007, after all. Is being gay really that fringy? more

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White folks have a habit of making things about us. In fact, it is a typically white thing to step into spaces and take over. more

Backwards & in High Heels


Aaryn Belfer

When Juan Vargas, Representative of the 51st Congressional District, took to the mic at the Families Belong Together march on June 23, I thought I might have a coronary. more

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With respect to the 1,500 “missing” kids, those in the know argue the descriptor is innacurate. These “unaccompanied alien children” (UACs) aren’t missing they say, but have been placed with vetted sponsors, often relatives already living in the U.S. more

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As long as they are 18, a U.S. citizen, and they are not on parole or sentenced to a state or federal prison, incarcerated individuals can exercise their constitutionally protected right to vote. more

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Dinners are a whole different beast when it comes to having an almost-eighth grader. She’s not a girl, but not yet a woman. Thank you, Britney Spears. more

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For those who have forgotten which Black victim he is in the endless list of them: Devonte was murdered at the end of last month, along with his five siblings, by their white mother when she drove her family off a cliff in Mendocino. more

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When it comes to defusing tense situations, there’s still an emphasis on shooting a gun rather than exhausting all other methods. more

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Everyone who’s anyone says you gain weight during/after menopause and everyone is right. But everyone doesn’t say, “By the way, you will gain weight in your forearms. And your fingers. Also: your ribs, your back, your shoulders, your eyeballs.” more

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In another era, it would be accurate to say that Jones-Wright brought a gun to a knife fight, but I’m not feeling the gun metaphor these days. more

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This horrible incident and our collective reaction to it will, undoubtedly, create a wave of future policymakers who are not down with the status quo. more

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This week, the racism is coming from north of the Interstate 8, where racist content à la Charlie Hebdo was published in a recent issue of Hi-Tide, the student paper at La Jolla High School. more

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Police violence is a disturbing thing to witness. Police violence against kids is worse. Watching the video, I was reminded of numerous other videos of young Black girls being violently assaulted by police officers. more

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This space was pristine and glowing; the product presentation beautiful. This was no head shop; this was the Apple Store of Mary Jane. more

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I want this year to be different. I’ve had enough of waking up everyday to a headache induced by teeth grinding; of having “motherfucker” and “Trump” be the first words that pop into my head. more

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Decent people of America: We have to take the wins where we can get them, no? Yes. We have to. We must. more

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Our family dog is dying. As I type this, she’s on her bed sleeping. I don’t know if she’ll be here by the time this column comes out. My gut says no. more

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It’s my least favorite time of year: The time when flocks of school children, still being misled about American History in 2017, exit classrooms wearing feathered headdresses made of colorful construction paper. more

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I don’t know who she is, but she is out there. Perhaps she is reading this column right now, this woman whom I met once for a brief moment. She’s like me. more

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Today, I join the ranks of the millions of inspiring #MeToo-ers who have made me think about the times I endured a man’s unwanted hands on my body. more

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As a parent of a tween, I’m closer to an empty nest than a swing set. Meaning, I gotta have stuff on the agenda for the family, but also for my own damn self. Behold, there’s something for everyone here. more

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