Al Howard

On this episode of STP we feature San Diego musician, producer, raconteur and goodfellow, Al Howard. Also on the program, Ask Sordid Tales your Dumbass Question, Ed Decker's Mandatory Audio Gem of the Month and a reading and discussion of the... Read more


The storage unit door opened and I immediately had that Christmas Morning pulse of a spoiled child. Read more

Black Gold

Most records are only as valuable as the joy they bring when someone listens to them. That’s probably the lamest Hallmark sentence I’ve ever written, but it’s the truth. Read more

Black Gold

Estate sales are the ultimate tease. They show a little leg when the estate sale organizers start posting delectable photographs of the contents on the website weeks in advance. Read more

Black Gold

I dig for records. Not to romanticize it, but there are moments when I feel like an archeologist participating in the last gold rush on the frontiers of America. Read more

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