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Alex Zaragoza is a freelance writer out of San Diego covering arts, culture and music. She was raised on both sides of the border and works to share stories from the other side of the fence. Alex is into feminism, tacos and pop culture, and says "rad" a lot.

Blonde Bar was called out this week for a series of incidents involving sexual harassment and assault. T more

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Trans individuals face violence, abuse, death and extreme poverty because of their gender identity. more

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Women aren’t just applauded for being “ride or dies,” it’s expected of them. Songs honoring the ride or die chick/bitch exalt them for putting up with infidelity, abuse, lies, drug and alcohol addiction and other factors that create an unsafe and tox more

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Perhaps this general apathy toward stepping in, coupled with seeing the televised deaths of 2,977 people, led the brains behind the “See something, say something” campaign to do something. more

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My relationship with weed has been long and complicated. As with any given activity, it takes trial and error to learn our limits and how to engage with it. more

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It’s disheartening, disappointing and enraging. Adults have proven they can’t be trusted, but thankfully there’s an army of teenagers that are fighting back, and it’s filled me with pride and hope for this generation of activists. more

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Now, after eight years of being happily on her own my mom is ready for a new man. When she came to me asking if I’d help her set up an online dating profile, I was a bit surprised. more

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Even though I haven’t given up on the movement (and never will), and will continue to do my part to talk to those well-intentioned women missing the mark, I think I’m done marching at the Women’s March. more

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This year seems to be the year where I said “fuck likeability.” I can tell I’ve done a bang-up job by the number of people I’ve pissed off. more

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Men are trash. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it every day until my last dying breath. Sure, some men are less trash, but rest assured, all men are at least diet trash. more

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What she loves is a purified, whitewashed version of our culture—a safe and romanticized Mexico she built for herself while vacationing in resorts and wintering in Sayulita. Then she tried to sell it back to a community. more

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I’m a cheater. While everyone else has stuck it out in San Diego, I blew the popsicle stand three months ago for our Chargers-thieving neighbors to the north. But I come back every other week for… more

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Here’s the thing though: What if someone isn’t exceptional? What if they’re ordinary and have made mistakes like any other teen or twenty-something? more

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For my own self-care, I’ve forced myself to disconnect whenever I can. My job forces me to keep an eye on the news for at least 10 hours a day, but I’ve made sure to back away from social media and news outlets for at least a couple hours after work. more

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The second my face felt the thick, clammy Havana air, my stress melted away. My contour makeup also melted away so my face looked like I’d just witnessed the opening of the Ark of the Covenant, minus the whole Nazi thing. more

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The idea for La Frontera Unites was born out of the work Pons organized at La ColectiBA, a photography collective based out of Argentina that created pop-up shows with the aim of bringing community together. more



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San Diego Pride is back, and every year I get the same sensation in the pit of my stomach as I do when Cinco de Mayo rolls around—a mix of Yay! Fun! and Oh God, how many offensive assholes are gonna ruin it? more

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Bars are in my blood. Not because I’m an alcoholic, though I suppose that is debatable. I consulted the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders on this and my conclusion is... probably not? more

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I grew up surrounded by this incessant criticizing of my body, just as every other woman has in varying degrees of nastiness and oppressiveness when factors like race, culture, size, privilege and class come in. more

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In his short film, Aftermath, Perry tells the story of a band of bank robbers in the hours following a bank heist that’s gone terribly, terribly wrong. more

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