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“Intimate Apparel” runs through October 20 at New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad, and Heather Raffo's “Noura” runs through October 20 at the Old Globe’s Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre in Balboa Park. Read more


A diverse set of plays are opening at local theaters this week. Read more



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Ladies and germs, we’ve jumped forward to the past, to a land once thought abandoned after the previous mayor, otherwise odoriferous, did one thing right and rid the Plaza de Panama of parking. Read more

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Balboa Park trails

There are innumerable reasons to love Balboa Park, namely its museums, history, shops, restaurants and the open space. One cool aspect of the area that not everybody knows about is the Sixth & Upa Read more

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It's finally happening. After 20 years, Drive Like Jehu has announced that they're getting back together. Pretty much since the local post-hardcore outfit broke up in 1994, fans have been clamoring for a reunion-and that <a href="http://www.s... Read more

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The San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) recently laid off four employees.   CityBeat  heard rumors of the incident late last week and just confirmed the details this morning.  Look for a more complete piece in ... Read more


I am disappointed that  CityBeat  could not write a story about transgender people without messing up a person's preferred gender pronoun.  CityBeat  owes Lyn Gwizdak an apology. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Before addressing your Newtown diatribe ["Editorial," Jan. 23], let me say I support voter suppression-the fraudulent kind. Read more

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