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Cereal beers are the new trend, and this seemingly never-ending brown ale actually expands after you open the can. Read more

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Let’s get one thing straight: I know that kombucha is not beer. As I type these words, I’m bracing to be well, actually’d to death by a craft beer mob. Read more

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Over the past three decades, the San Diego craft beer industry has evolved from its modest origins into a monolithic titan of the international craft brewing marketplace. Read more

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As the new head of the Guild whose mission is “to promote San Diego breweries and create an open line of communication between brewers—connecting a strong and vibrant community,” Zirpolo inherited some unique challenges from his predecessors. Read more

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I summoned the help of my beer-loving gal pals. “I’m working on a story about beer for people who don’t like beer... do any breweries come to mind?” my text reads. Read more

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Although some of the states have made it legal to grow, distribute and purchase both medicinal and recreational cannabis, the federal regulatory system is a different story. Read more



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Aside from Ballast Point, Pariah Brewing and Fall Brewing have both successfully employed San Diego-based artists. And Carlsbad native Sean Dominguez is the resident artist for Pizza Port, Port Brewing and Lost Abbey. Read more

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Photo by Jim Sloan

The future of local beer is hazy, but one thing is clear: San Diego is an attractive place for out-of-town brewers to set up shop. A Read more

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I still stand by that proclamation I made nearly 14 years ago: Whoever invented the forty is a genius. For college students, artists, beach bums and countless other cash-strapped demographics, the 40 represents cheap fun. Read more

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Rock ‘n’ roll has inspired a lot of brewers to pattern a brew after a band, a song or even a music venue. This is especially true in San Diego. Read more

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Drunken Hunter: Made with increasingly rare Dragon Blood hops from an Alpine bunny farm, this cherry-tinged sour brew is perfect for cigar pairings. It might be pulled from shelves for ethics violations, but it’s only available through Nov. 6, 2018 a Read more

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Photo courtesy of Silva Brewing

Chuck Silva was the brewmaster at Green Flash Brewing Company for over a decade, but he is so much more than that. Read more

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Photo Matt Baldwin

On the last Sunday morning in February, roughly 30 volunteers gathered at the Iron Fist Brewing Co. tasting room in Barrio Logan to assemble brown-bag lunches and decorate them with artwork and inspirational messages. Read more

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Beer Bro Bro Beard Hazy IPA: Notice your beard has gotten a pungent, hoppy aroma after all those IPAs? How about reinvesting those hop-hairs into a special brew? This beer has actually been pre-bearded for an extra hazy, hairy mouthfeel. Read more

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The craft beer industry has transformed a lot in the months since CityBeat first covered the San Diego hazy IPA trend. Read more

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Construction to double its brewing capacity has already begun at its original brewhouse, and Carlsbad’s North 40 Urban Farm project (tentatively launching in 2019) plans to host a third Second Chance outpost. Read more

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An artist, a writer and a branding expert walk into a bar... But seriously, it's no secret that beer is big business in San Diego and nothing can make or break that business more than the logo. Read more

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The latest tally of brewhouses in San Diego County is 121, with another 26 planned or in the works. As with so many other industries that are prone to boom-and-bust cycles, it’s only natural to wonder if San Diego is entering a bubble. Read more

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Agreeing to compile a roundup of just five San Diego dive beer bars is akin to asking to be crucified. Read more

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Photo by Beth Demmon

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