Bernie Sanders


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When I was at my favorite bar this past weekend, I listened (rather, eavesdropped) as two Bernie bros waxed philosophical about how all the Democratic primary candidates for president were so disappointing. Read more

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Asking millennials about "the election" unleashes either a full-fledged verbal assault on Donald "Small Hands" Trump or a fist pump with a side of "Berning up" puns. But, when interrupting them and clarifying that the question refers to the... Read more


If you don't care for summer schlockbusters and are tired of sequels, there's an indie biopic making the rounds that just might score with voters when it's awards time in Iowa next year. Read more

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Whatever it was that opened up the floodgates and got people screaming inside the Chula Vista Public Library May 27, you knew they were open when an elderly woman in the audience bellowed, "It's time to get mad!" Read more