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"Beth Demmon is a North Park-based craft beer and grammar fiend who loves arguing about Oxford commas and why saisons are criminally underrated. If she's not working her wordsmith wizardry at her day job, she'll most likely be found prowling around the newest San Diego breweries and eateries in search of the freshest flavors for The Delighted Bite."


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There’s a reason Golden Child is the first beer listed on Bitter Brothers’ board. At 5.2 percent ABV it’s absolutely crushable. more

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Melvin Brewing from Wyoming fits all that criteria, plus a little extra. They plan to open a new brewpub in the East Village in October, but initial excitement has been dampened with controversy. more

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People love to tell me to “lighten up, it’s just beer” or readily admit that they don’t consider it an important enough industry to make conscientious purchasing choices. more

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Radlers—also known as shandies—are a historical German style created in the 19th century that are half soda, half beer and marketed toward recreational cyclists as a way to quench thirst without getting tipsy. more

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It only takes a pinch of activated charcoal to transform a mixed drink into a spooky delight. Any more than that and it runs the risk of ruining the delicate flavors cultivated with the other ingredients. more

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Brut IPAs are exactly what they sound like: dry, effervescent pale ales low on sweetness that rely on hop aromatics to complement a mild malt profile. more

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Photo courtesy of Setting Sun Sake

There’s a staleness permeating the San Diego craft beer scene. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed more squabbling about styles, trash talking tap lists and bickering about beer economics than I ever have in years past. more

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I was tickled to see a sticke altbier available as well, a German lager rarely seen even in hardcore craft beer circles. more

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Grand Opening IPA and Tranquilo Kolsch at Eppig Biergarten's Grand Opening.jpg

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Overall, of course San Diego doesn’t need a new brewery. But a bayside biergarten is an invigorating change from blah tasting rooms tucked into industrial parks. more

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I get the backlash. It’s personal to people, many of whom lost their jobs in the recent turbulence. more

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The future of local beer is hazy, but one thing is clear: San Diego is an attractive place for out-of-town brewers to set up shop. A more

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The number of San Diego ciderhouses is still in the single digits, but that number is rising. Last year ushered in around a half- dozen cideries within county limits, and North Park welcomed its first urban cidery this year: Bivouac Ciderworks. more

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Photo by Midnight Jack

Midnight Jack (3801 Oceanic Drive, Suite 101) has hosted live music and comedy shows since opening in 2016, but this new project aims higher. more

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Photo courtesy of Intergalactic Brewing Company

Last year, Van Horne publicly disclosed that the brewery’s current business model was unsustainable and that he was “exploring all options, including, but not limited to, putting the business assets up for sale.” more

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La Jolla is better known for scenic, sometimes smelly beaches and pricey cocktails rather than beer, but the tide may be turning in the bougie beach town. more

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Photo by Societe Brewing Company

The final frontier in my journey: smoked beer. I was 22 the first time I tried a rauchbier (translated from German as simply “smoke beer”). Back then was way too early for me to appreciate the subtleties of a well-crafted smoked beer. more

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Photo courtesy of Green Flash

Green Flash owner and co-founder Mike Hinkley has publicly stated many times that he has no plans to sell Green Flash, but never flat-out says it won’t happen. more

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Photo courtesy of Owl Farm Beer

This commitment to far-out fermentations is a refreshing change of pace after 2017’s never-ending deluge of hazy IPAs, and I’m betting the gamble will pay off. more

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Every fetish has a home. Whether it’s stygiophilia—arousal at the thought of hellfire and eternal damnation—or just a good ol’ fashioned leather fetish, somewhere, someone else is down with it. more

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Constellation Brands has a huge stake in the Mexican beer market, boasting Corona, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo and Pacífico among the top exported beer brands in its portfolio. more

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