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Photo by Tristan Whitehouse

With over 1,000 miles of bikeways in San Diego and tons of exciting events happening throughout the year, it’s about time we shake off the dust and go for a ride Read more

Bike Guide

Fortunately, San Diego has an incredibly active and inclusive cycling community, with plenty of group rides open to riders of all levels. Read more

Bike Guide


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Bike-share is not meant to replace your own bike. It’s meant to help when you don’t have that bike. More people in San Diego are using bike-share programs for the last mile of their trips. Read more

Bike Guide

How can more companies in San Diego be bicycle friendly? Try these tips to take your company from four wheels to two. Read more

Bike Guide


Photo by Mia Bolton

After a year and a half without a car in San Diego, I can vouch for all of the above as benefits of commuting by bike. Read more

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Photo courtesy of People for Bikes

What’s next? Well, it’s what should have already been done. The build out of a nine-mile network of modern, protected bike lanes is called for in the funded and approved Downtown Mobility Plan. Read more

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