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Two years of combined house arrest here and self-imposed probationary exile in L.A. kept former San Diego mayor Bob Filner pretty much muzzled. more

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In the months before sexual-harassment allegations forced his resignation, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was trying to find a replacement for Police Chief Bill Lansdowne, says Brian Marvel, president of the San Diego Police Officers Association.... more

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I really loved Edwin Decker's Dec. 24 "Sordid Tales" column, "Oh Satanism, how you disappoint me." He's a very intriguing, talented, entertaining and humorous writer. I look forward to reading more of his work and will check out his website... more

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Your Sept. 18 cover story, "Three against one," gave a fairly complete picture of what Donna Frye, Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs (these three) went through to help usher Bob Filner out of office. more

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I don't know the details of the deal that the San Diego City Council will mull over at 1 p.m., but I hope it results in Mayor Bob Filner's resignation, and I hope it leaves open the possibility that the city can offer a reasonable settlement ... more

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Regarding your June 12 editorial favoring an appointed city attorney: I find the editor's desire for smooth-running politics peculiar. more

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