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While working on this story about the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, I found out about two handy tools for looking up campaign-finance disclosures... Read more

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Are you just trying reinvigorate the old topic of campaign reform, or are you a lobbyist for the Tom Udall legislation that is attempting to address the issue? If you're trying to reinvigorate the topic, you gotta major up the dose of incit... Read more

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Rep. Brian Bilbray beat his challengers to the punch, the California Secretary of State's campaign-finance database crashed and an invitation to get drunk and run for president. Read more

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The headline for this blog post is a direct copy of one that topped writer Liam Dillon's piece examining how... Read more

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We always find it rather difficult to stomach how much campaign money our congressional delegation accepts from special interests, whether it's the defense industry or organized labor. This one grosses us out on a whole new level.  <p... Read more

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LGBT activist says he didn't donate money to Bill Horn—why do Horn's records say he did? Read more


Win or lose, Barack Obama's small donors may have already brought a revolution in campaign financing Read more