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For those who’ve never been to a cannabis grow, pictures don’t do the experience justice. Read more



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Figi’s seizures subsided after trying CBD oil, which is made with the non-psychoactive marijuana compound cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. Read more


Is San Diego ready to regulate the sprawling business of selling bud? With the state’s newly minted rules for permitting the medical-cannabis industry, local officials have some sticky decisions to make. Read more

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Among regular users of medical cannabis, the terms indica and sativa have become commonplace. It’s widely accepted the two species of cannabis have distinctly different effects. Indica, the rule of thumb goes, produces a calming effect that... Read more

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There have been two main responses to my recent article about Child Welfare Services taking the children of medical cannabis ... Read more

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The city of San Diego's protracted debate over regulating medical cannabis dispensaries could all be moot by the e... Read more

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Just so everyone's clear, the proposed medical-marijuana ordinance before the San Diego City Council on Monday is not supported by the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force, the city's official advisory body on the issue. In fact, four of th... Read more

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Two new medical-cannabis collectives in San Diego have installed vending machines that dispense marijuana products. The machines, called Can... Read more

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