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Whoa *Keanu voice*. Where did you come from? Who are you, really? These could be the questions of a confused stoner, but in Joshua Williamson and Andrei Brennan’s comic book, Birthright, these are legitimate inquiries. more



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Sadie Barnette’s highly engaging and relevant exhibit, Dear 1968,... at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (1100 and 1001 Kettner Blvd.) explores how personal, family and political history can intertwine. more

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Deciding on the week’s best events is never an easy task, but given that the primaries are less than two months away, it’s time to get pumped and there are a number of cool happenings this week to help in that department. more

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Drunken Hunter: Made with increasingly rare Dragon Blood hops from an Alpine bunny farm, this cherry-tinged sour brew is perfect for cigar pairings. It might be pulled from shelves for ethics violations, but it’s only available through Nov. 6, 2018 a more

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From theater to visual arts, spring and fall are the two times of year that mark the beginning of new seasonal programming and offerings. more

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Stay Strange is producing an experimental music showcase called Hand of God, which brings together local and international noise and avant-garde artists under one sanctified roof. more

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We usually reserve this space for more fun, apolitical events that everyone can agree on. That’s not to say we’ve never included a political or advocacy event, but we’ve always saved our more opinionative columns for the appropriate section. more

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This year we’re changing the name of the Great Demo Review to, simply, the Local Music Review. In a slightly more slimmed-down version of last year’s epic review session, we tackled 77 submissions this time around. more

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In more ways than one, Florencia en el Amazonas is exactly the right opera at exactly the right time. more

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March is Women’s History Month, and March 8 is International Women’s Day. And while there are certainly plenty of events over the next few weeks for women and their allies to raise a proverbial fist, here are a few to get things started. more

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Busking on the streets of San Diego is about the most punk-rock thing a performer can do. more

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Both Black History Month and Black Solidarity Week (Feb. 17 through Feb. 24) will be ending soon, but we’d like to encourage readers to keep the spirit going all year. more

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As Congress tries to come to an agreement on immigration reform and the courts continue to hear challenges on Trump’s hateful travel bans, it’s important to remember that there are parallels to the past. more

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Nothing says love like weed, Tide Pods and Steve Bannon more

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Whether it’s a first date or 50 years after the first one, Valentine’s Day plans can be tricky. more

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There have been plenty of acclaimed novels over the years with protagonists that fell on the autism spectrum or who were dealing with issues of anxiety. more

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By all accounts, the It’s About Time Festival has so far lived up to hype. more

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There were some concerns and questions after the inaugural Women’s March San Diego last year, none more pressing than whether women (and men, to be fair) would be able to carry that feeling of empowerment and solidarity into 2018 and beyond. more

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But when it comes to events like the Old Globe Theatre’s Powers New Voices Festival, it’s a means to see the next big thing before it’s big. more

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If we know CityBeat readers, the New Year begins with a resolution to get out more and to get more culture in our lives. more

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