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The San Diego visual arts community is spread out geographically, but remains a tight-knit community. When something befalls one, it’s not uncommon to see the rest of the community step up to help. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Matador Records

Country superstar Kacey Musgraves can win all the Grammys and get popular with the Walmart crowd, but she still has mad indie cred with us. Read more

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Photo by Ron Logan

For well over a decade, local org Write Out Loud has been staging unique and family-friendly events that celebrate literature without getting too fringe. Read more

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Photo by Nicole Dollanganger

L.A. guitar-and-drum duo Big Business often get conveniently classified as metal, but their sound is so much more than that. Read more

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Photo courtesy of ArtWalk @ Liberty Station

There are still some fun, affordable and family-friendly summer festivals to check out before it’s back-to-reality time. Read more

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Photo by Katheryn Vetter Miller

Bay area noise-punks Burmese have been around in some form or another since the late ’90s and still make a jarring, often disturbing noise. Read more

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Photo by Kevin Brown

Nothing beats a Black Star show, but we’ll take one-half of the iconic hip-hop duo any day of the week. Read more

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I have enjoyed Al Howard’s Black Gold column in the past, and I found his recent column from July 17 [“Instant karma and the art of the steal”] to be, once again, very entertaining. Read more

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Photo by Julien Kelly Gross

Former local Sean Bowie, who performs under the name Yves Tumor, is something of an enigma; a beautiful, gender-blurring force that creates experimental electronic music that is often accompanied by disorienting visual elements. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego

For young musicians, that first performance can make or break their desire to continue writing music. A good, supportive crowd is sometimes the difference between a kid continuing to be creative or giving up altogether. Read more

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San Diego Comic-Con is filled with stories of celeb sightings and awkward geek interactions. For this year’s cover, we put the call out on social media for readers to chime in with their most memorable moments of awkward celebrity meetings. Read more

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Photo by Kerria Grey

For nearly a decade, rockers Mrs. Henry have morphed into what is arguably the best local live band. Read more

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There’s no shortage of San Diego Comic-Con-themed or Con-friendly art shows this weekend, but what about the shows that have nothing to do with caped crusaders and obscure anime characters? Read more

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Photo by Carlos Juica

Local band No Knife have been playing on and off for nearly two decades, but their combination of punk, hardcore and math-rock still manages to sound fresh after all these years. Read more

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Photo courtesy of San Diego Pride

Now is not the time to get complacent. With a decidedly conservative Supreme Court and a Trump administration attempting to curtail the rights of LGBTQ citizens, it’s important for the community to not only celebrate our accomplishments. Read more

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Flesh-eating zombies are purely an American invention. Since the undead first showed up in George Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, they’ve also served as allegories to our uniquely American turmoils. Read more



Photo by Cathryn Beeks

Lady Brain Fest (LBF) is all about celebrating sisterhood in a tranquil environment where everyone is welcome. Read more

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Photo by Rick Rodney

Are psych-rockers Earthless the best local band? It’s possible. Read more

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Photo by Madeline Barr Photography

While tattoos and wine don’t have much in common, we do know that San Diego likes them both. Read more

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Photo by Nikko La Mere

Ever since she was first included on one of Jay-Z’s Tidal playlists back in 2015, the masked Brooklyn MC known as Leikeli47 has released one banger after another. Read more

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