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Photo courtesy of House of Blues

With a new restaurant or eatery seemingly opening up every week in San Diego, it can be tough for so-called foodies to keep up. Read more

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Photo by Kristin Cofer

Canadian post-metallers Sumac are that type of band who will appeal to true metalheads and the indie math-rock crowd as well. Read more

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Photo by Sam Zauscher

Beachside music festivals probably bring to mind drum circles and musicians that look and sound like Ras Trent, but two weekend festivals are offering something a little different near the beach. Read more

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Photo by Jess Garten

Much like Samson, we think Melvins singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne garners all his energy from his amazing Sideshow Bob-like mane. Don’t @ us. Read more

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Photo by Cheryl Iliria

Emo might be the hot throwback genre at the moment, but yacht rock is a close second. Read more

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Here’s a New Year’s resolution for everyone: We should all buy more original art. Read more

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Photo by Scarlett Stephenson-Connelly

Saxophonist and vocalist Karl Denson is local royalty for having founded The Greyboy Allstars, as well as for being the touring saxophonist in a little-known British band named… what were they called again?... oh, yeah, The Rolling Stones. Read more

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The Denver band’s first album since 2011, This Night Falls Forever is a hymn to the simplicity of nostalgia, and that blissful and bittersweet pain one experiences while reminiscing about the intangible wilderness of youth. Read more

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Photo courtesy of San Diego Civic Youth Ballet

Luckily, there’s a few more events left that are in the spirit of the season, whether readers are looking for a festively themed performance or a place to purchase last-minute gifts. Read more

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Photo by Andrew McKeag

PLAN A: ‘Exile on Kettner Blvd’ @ The Casbah. Another Casbah tradition, this Rolling Stones tribute night on Christmas Eve was started more than 20 years ago for all the local rockers who didn’t go home for the holidays. Read more

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Let’s face it, most holiday songs are trash. And while we’re sure many people look forward to hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” for the billionth time, we’d like to think our readers are a little more discerning. Read more

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Photo by Chris Travers

For Bob Matheny—who still lives and works in San Diego—it has never enough to just be an artist in San Diego. He had to be the artist, even if it was never fully intentional. Read more

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Photo by Ellie Smith

Middle Kids might be the best thing to come out of Australia since Nick Cave and Vegemite (screw you, it’s delicious). Read more

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One tradition we haven’t changed is that we always include items that can be found at local boutiques and stores instead of the corporate chain stores. Read more


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Photo by Melissa Wax

Neko Case is a goddess and her new album, Hell-On is packed with empowered, but nonetheless heart-wrenching, indie-rock that moves the soul. Read more

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Photo by Kristy Benjamin

El Ten Eleven play mostly instrumental soundscapes created by looping, effects, vamping and all sorts of technical wizardry. However they do it, the result is hypnotizing. Read more

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Photo Rachel Cobb

There are a ton of holiday celebrations this week and while some readers will be tempted to attend a light-centric event close to home. Read more

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Photo courtesy of the Adams Avenue Business Association

Shop Small North Park is an all-day event on Saturday, Nov. 24 that includes nearly every small business in the neighborhood. Read more

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Photo by Zackery Michael

Fans of Bauhaus and Public Image Ltd. should definitely check out Rey Pila’s blend of synth-rock and mopey lyrics. Read more

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Photo by Kelsey Hart

In so many ways, Yndi Halda’s cinematic post-rock is the perfect Sunday night soundtrack. Read more

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