Comic-Con 2018

Although it’s set in a brutal near-future, CALEXIT is a comic book struggling to outpace the vicious present. Read more


For as long as I can remember—or at least as long as I’ve lived in San Diego—I’ve been fascinated with Perry Vásquez’s fascination with comic books. Read more



Photo by Mitchell McPherson / Flickr

For non-badge holders, there are a ton of local breweries, art galleries, theaters, music venues and even libraries that have put together events for nerds of all stripes. Read more

, Features

It’s something of an open secret that metalheads are also massive nerds. Read more

Music Feature


Photo by Christian Villareal

Even if attending the actual Con isn’t in the cards, there are plenty of after-parties for readers to get their geek on. Read more

About Last Night

One of the fun things about Comic-Con every year is that it brings a lot of comic-, film-, video game- and nerd-friendly live music to San Diego. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Once again, the ass-end of summer is upon us and, alongside it, movies that cater to an audience that has developed a tolerance to spectacle. Read more



Photos courtesy of Black Heroes Matter

Nerds of color aren’t unicorns by any means, but it’s entirely possible to spend SDCC without any real face time. Read more