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My personal favorite beer-centric event this year is for hardcore beer dorks only. Read more

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A couple years ago, I analyzed late-summer trailers and tried to determine the quality of the movies they were advertising. I'm doing it again. Read more



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From zombie plays to Star Wars spelling bees, we’ve rounded up some of the better events that will, hopefully, cheer up some of our badge-less readers. Read more

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Men still feel very free to come up and “investigate” if I’m fit to rep a fandom. I’ve been asked what makes me think I can wear a hat, shirt or join a conversation about a comic, a book, a film or game. Read more



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Ho99o9 is far from the first group to blend hip-hop with more abrasive and aggressive musical styles, but theirs is particularly destructive. Read more

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Back in 1989, Garfield creator Jim Davis—not particularly known for his provocative imagination—published a series of uncharacteristically troubling comics leading up to Halloween. Read more

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Luckily, there are plenty of off-site beer events coinciding with the Con. Bonus: none of these require a badge! Read more

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At Mission Beach, San Diegostucks sticks out, even from a distance. Amid scattered groups of people barbecuing and soaking up the sun, there's a crowd of more than 30, costumed in everythi... Read more


Of all the superhero origin stories I've encountered, I can't recall a single one that involved beer. That seems like a missed opportunity to me. These days, the superheroes that get cherished most are not the stodgy, straight-laced supermen,... Read more

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At 57, Straczynski is a figure for whom the nerd classes are already polishing a boulder on the Mount Rushmore of science-fiction history, somewhere near Gene Roddenberry and Rod Serling.  Read more


If you've ever seen the Cartoon Network sketch-comedy show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! , you probably know all about the crazy-funny antics of series co-creator Tim Heidecker. But did you know that Heidecker has a crazy-scary si... Read more


Ink Pen Mutations Press, from Culver City, set up its display on the Comic-Con floor today, displaying five of its cannibalistic, mutated characters featured in its graphic novel <a href="http://w... Read more


Are you a Rick, a Shane or a Sophia? Fans of AMC's zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead, will now be able to learn without taking a dumb Internet quiz by experiencing first-hand h... Read more

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When Comic-Con recesses for the evening, San Diego damn-well better have some good and geeky goings-on to entertain the hoards of costume-wearing, light-saber-packing, Doctor Who-worshiping masses. Not to worry, average San Diegan, these... Read more