Doug Manchester

The city's self-appointed head cheerleader is ready to hang up his pompoms. Developer-cum-newspaper-publisher Doug Manchester is ready to sell off  U-T San Diego . Read more

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Nothing gets a populist's blood boiling like stories of political favors being doled out to people with money and power. And Mayor Bob Filner told a good one at a Hillcrest Town Council meeting on Jan. 8.  Read more


On Wednesday afternoon, we blogged about a lawsuit the city of San Diego filed against U-T San Diego owner Doug Manchester's Gr... Read more

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For those AT&T wireless customers who experienced crappy cell-phone reception in the Carmel Valley area early last year, we now know the culprit: Hotel mogul and newspaper publisher Douglas Manchester. During the last few years, M... Read more

Last Blog on Earth | News

Regarding your Oct. 3 editorial about Carl DeMaio: Isn't it funny that your own article discusses the fact that DeMaio is now willing to discuss "uncertain financing"?  Read more

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In an interview, the U-T essentially informed Fletcher that the paper can't endorse him because he'd been bad-mouthing the Republican Party amid his high-profile decision to leave the GOP and become independent. Read more

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