Drink Issue 2017


Photo by Seth Combs

I reckon if readers are at this point in the feature, they’re likely to be receptive to hearing about the one classic cocktail that actually serves as a relief to drinking too many of the others. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Ryan Bradford

If there were a sitcom where all the characters were played by cocktails, then a Mai Tai would play the role of a wacky cousin whom everyone thinks is a little strange until the poignant final moments. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Beth Demmon

“I’d like a classic margarita. Just the most straightforward one you ha—” The heavily tattooed server dressed in black cut me off.  “I’ve got you.” Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Ian Ward

When asked to write about a “classic” cocktail in San Diego, the first one that came to mind was the Manhattan at Dobson’s Bar & Restaurant (956 Broadway Circle). Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Victoria Davis

Tasting like Rosé wine with a fruit punch zing, the restaurant’s red wine-based sangria is mixed with vodka, apple liqueur, cherry liqueur and seasonal fruits. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Rachel Michelle Fernandes

Since the old fashioned is essentially the foundation of all cocktails, it would seem pretty easy to put a twist on it. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo courtesy of Vin De Syrah

Since mojitos first slid onto American bar tops around 1939, bartenders have poured them regardless of the United States’ relationship with Cuba. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Amy K. Fellows

It’s not hard to find a mule in San Diego. And maybe more importantly, it’s not hard to find a good mule in San Diego. Read more

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