Drink Issue 2019


Photo by Ryan Bradford

To riff on the words of Walt Whitman, District 9 (which is represented by city councilmember Georgette Gomez) contains multitudes. Read more

Drink Issue


Photos by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

It’s easy to assume the best drinking spots in District 8 would be breweries in Barrio Logan, but I’d suggest not ignoring neighborhoods like Logan Heights and Otay Mesa. Read more

Drink Issue


Photos by Seth Combs

Everyone likes to think the dive bar they frequent is “authentic,” but I’d challenge them to hang at a dive in D-7. For example, Pal Joey’s (5147 Waring Road) in Allied Gardens is like a different world with a mature crowd. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo courtesy of Cutwater Spirits

Unlike its neighbors, Sorrento Valley is more tech-y than tasty, but Gravity Heights (9920 Pacific Heights Blvd.) gave a fresh jolt to the corporate-lunch-heavy area when it opened earlier this year. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Veranda Fireside Lounge and Restaurant

D-5 has a nice selection of dives and fancy stops that make suburban life a little more manageable. Read more

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Mike's EXT.jpg

Photos by Laura Canepa

The southeast region of San Diego, which encompasses much of District 4, has an old-school vibe that I found to be unique. I like to see parts of San Diego that don’t flaunt their neighborhood in your face. Read more

Drink Issue


Photo by Jackie Bryant

When it comes to drinking, District 3 is absolutely spoiled for options. Encompassing the downtown and mid-city neighborhoods, this district is the heart and soul of San Diego’s dining and drinking scenes. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Waterbar

District 2 is usually the first stop for tourists who visit San Diego. As a result, the city’s beach communities and the people who live there are constantly fighting a battle between old and new. Read more

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Photo by Zack Benson

I’m here to say that District 1 is often the place that sets the trends for much of the city. And while it isn’t particularly well known for a bustling nightlife scene, there are some old-school gems to be found if one knows where to look. Read more

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