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"I’m starting to feel bad for Duncan Hunter.” Those are eight words that I never thought I’d utter. Well, perhaps “I’d really like to go to Burning Man” would be slightly less likely, but I digress. Read more

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To paraphrase Rachel Maddow on Monday night, you don't have to be a journalist to be worried about the state of journalism. Read more

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Rep. Brian Bilbray is San Diego's most absent member of Congress since January 2010, according to missed-vote data compiled by the open-government website The Republican congress member, wh... Read more

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So, Congress is in session, making all kinds of decisions about important issues like extending key provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act and cutting funding for a Tijuana sewer from the federal budget. Perhaps you've got something to say about s... Read more

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In response to the  Washington Post 's Thomas Ricks' story reporting that the guys in the Pentagon are studying three options for Iraq—“go big,” “go long” and “go home”—Congressman and presidential candidate Duncan Hunter voiced a fourth op... Read more

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