Fall Arts 2017

Ben Loory author photo credit Jennie Hettrickforweb.jpg

Photo by Jennie Hetrick

In reading Loory’s tales, one gets a sense that the barriers have been taken down. People converse with animals. Children commune with the monsters in their closet. And the distinction between flying and falling is fluid. Read more

Fall Arts

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Photo by Ryan Kuratomi

In serving such a diverse community, DGC has tried to expand its programming to fit the growing interest expressed by local audiences. Read more

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Photo courtesy of the artist

Undocumenta also features photos of artist Claudia Cano as her false persona: Rosa Hernandez, a cleaning lady who sweeps in public spaces and speaks only in Spanish. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Jamie Ballard

When Karma LaDonna found herself in a wheelchair after spending 17 years as a ballroom dancer, she was devastated. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Sam Zauscher

In:Transit explores the nature of travel, transportation and movement, and how these modes of travel connect us to our surroundings. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Alexandre Esteban

The return of the site-specific Without Walls (WOW) Festival this fall is exciting enough for theatergoers who’ve come to anticipate La Jolla Playhouse’s biennial extravaganza of immersive theater Read more

Fall Arts