Fall Arts 2018


Photo by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

“This is a totally volunteer-ran space and we need more people here,” Rios-Mathioudakis says. “This Centro will represent our community if we have people from our community here.” Read more

Fall Arts


Photo courtesy of Ligia Bouton

Inheritance spotlights America’s epidemic of gun violence via the story of Sarah Winchester. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Josh Goldy

“In the future,” Binder recalls the doctor saying, “people will have to work harder to make themselves indispensible.” Out of this warped bootstrap view of the world, The Absolved was born. Read more

, Fall Arts

The Driver is Red deftly balances the imposing weight of historical trauma with the immediacy of procedural tension. Read more

Fall Arts


Photo by Eden Orfanos

In researching what would eventually become a one-woman show titled Women at War, Johannsen, the former artistic director of San Diego’s Stone Soup Theatre Company, spoke with the four woman soldiers who’d served in Afghanistan between 2012 and 2013. Read more

Fall Arts