Food Issue 2019

Sugar was that part of the food pyramid our teachers always told us to avoid, which simply made it all the more enticing. Read more

Food Issue

Temecula olive oil_credit james tranforweb.jpg

Photo by James Tran

When it comes to food, one of the subjects nearest and dearest to my heart is the fat category. Read more

Food Issue


Photos by Ryan Bradford

Chicken is only boring if it’s prepared that way, and there are lots of places in San Diego doing exciting things with this boid. Read more

Food Issue

Roasted Bone Marrow with Avocado, Onion Ash, Tortillas and a Tomatillo, Jalapeño and Poblano Salsa at Raícesforweb.jpg

Photos by Michael A. Gardiner

Where Gary Hart had no such answer to the “where’s the beef?” question, our region has plenty. Read more

Food Issue


Photo by Torrey Bailey

Fruits are for chutneys, salad toppers and pastry fillers. And while they’re not often the show-stopping main attraction of haute cuisine, San Diego does have some creative ways to get a daily dose. Read more

Food Issue

Kindred hearts of palm2 - photo by Julia Dixon Evansforweb.jpg

Photos by Julia Dixon Evans

Even though they’re everywhere, starches are a bit of a mystery. All starches are carbs but not all carbs are starches? Science, blah blah blah, all you need to know is that starches are delicious. Read more

Food Issue


Photos by Lara McCaffery

Vegetables are in the biggest section of the out-dated food pyramid but still integral to most diets. They’re ever so versatile but easy to label as boring. Read more

Food Issue

Cold Tofu appetizer at Wa Dining Okonforweb.jpg

Photos by Michael A. Gardiner

Once upon a time it was assumed that meat in slabular form would be at the center of nearly every plate. It was a big, hulking steak and sometimes a braised lamb shank or barbecued pork ribs. Read more

Food Issue

Monzu Fresh Pasta Ravioli di Magroforweb.jpg

Photo courtesy of Monzù Fresh Pasta

I’ve got good news and bad news: The bad news is that carbs, especially refined carbs, are still not very good for us. The good news is that most carb-heavy foods still taste so damn good. Read more

Food Issue

Kurobuta Pork XiaoLongBao (XLB) at Din Tai Fung by Andrea Lopez-Villafanaforweb.jpg

Photos by Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

The versatility of pork is astounding. It can be served in a taco, stuffed in a dumpling, placed between a bun or served cold. Read more

Food Issue


Photo by Seth Combs

Dairy is not a staple in my diet especially when it comes to milk in its original form. Sure, I like the occasional milk shake and some ice cream as much as the next person, but those seem more like dessert items, and we have a section for that. Read more

Food Issue


Photo courtesy of Cusp Dining and Drinks

Lamb is a protein I’ve only truly grown to love in the last year or so. I’m a die-hard beef enthusiast, but I used to write lamb off as “too gamey.” Read more

Food Issue

Lola55 - Insanely Spicy Smoked Fish 03 copyforewb.jpg

Photo courtesy of Lola 55

Our seafood scene may not get as much attention as craft beer or In-N-Out, but there’s a bounty of wealth in the Pacific. Read more

Food Issue

Wayfarer credit meforweb.jpg

Photo by Jackie Bryant

When tasked with writing about fungi, a category that includes yeast, mold and truffles—my mind instantly went to yeasty breads. I’m a bit of a carb queen. Read more

Food Issue