Great Demo Review

Thanks for putting the spotlight on the food-stamps issue [Cover story, Feb. 15]. I can tell you from personal experience that your statistic of one mistaken denial for every five applications is close to correct. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Once again, our annual Great Demo Review brought in tons of music from San Diego bands looking to get the thumbs up (or down) from our panel of exp... Read more


It's that time again!Every year, CityBeat puts out a call for local music and our esteemed team of music nerds reviews everything that comes in. We call this highly entertaining endeavor the Great Demo Review, and it's published in... Read more


Attention musicians: CityBeat's Great Demo Review, our annual critique of local music, is set to hit the streets on March 2, 2011—that's right around the corner. --- Got a demo you've been passing around? A new album you've been hyping? A bed... Read more