Gun Control

It's been widely reported as the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. But let's be real here and add "for now" to the end of that. Read more

There She Goz

In your Dec. 18 editorial, you lament that the Sandy Hook tragedy did not spur Congress to pass a ban on military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as enact universal background checks on gun sales-as hoped for in your Dec.... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Cleverly weaving dissociative events, statements, belief systems by individuals and fringe groups, [Dyer] has painted a highly inflammatory and inaccurate picture of present historical events. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Joel Dyer's March 20 news article regarding conspiracies was excellent. This article focused on frightened people with various problems who look for a scapegoat. Read more

Letters to the Editor Read more


Before addressing your Newtown diatribe ["Editorial," Jan. 23], let me say I support voter suppression-the fraudulent kind. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Regarding your Jan. 16 editorial about the proposed Homeless Bill of Rights: Public urination / defecation is totally unacceptable! Many of the agencies that deal with the homeless actively encourage and enable feral behavior by their modus... Read more

Letters to the Editor

As you are aware, Mr. Thompson's letter was just the latest in a string of hilarious letters he has submitted over the past few years, and I just wanted to thank you profusely for continuing to publish his work.  Read more

Letters to the Editor