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San Diego is undeniably a tourist town and while that can sometimes be a headache for locals, it also means the city boasts some truly excellent hotels. Read more

Staycation Issue

I wondered how else cannabis could be incorporated into a wellness routine so I checked in with one of my favorite dispensaries, Torrey Holistics. Read more


I’ve stopped using the word marijuana. Readers of this column might have noticed that it has never appeared until now. Read more


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I had been waiting for the right time to try Foria Pleasure, a THC-infused lube that can be found at Apothekary, Urbn Leaf and Torrey Holistics. Read more



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O, hark! The first season of legal cannabis gift giving is here and, boy, is it a doozy, thanks to the sheer diversity of products released in the past year. Read more



Photo by courtesy of Vesper Vineyards

Alysha Stehly is a fourth generation farmer who is one half of the brains and bodies of Vesper Vineyards, as well as the winemaker for Stehelon Vineyards. Read more

People of the Year


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Allison Justice is the vice president of Cultivation at El Cajon-based OutCo, the first licensed medical cannabis dispensary in the county that today includes indoor growing and research capabilities. Read more

People of the Year


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Mariah Brownwood is part owner of Royale!, a Point Loma burger and cocktail joint, as well as a farmer. Read more

People of the Year


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Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins is currently the executive chef and partner of El Jardín, an upscale Mexican restaurant focusing on the variety of regional Mexican cuisines that opened this year in Liberty Station. Read more

People of the Year


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Holidays can be stressful. Weed helps, but only if done right. That’s where I come in. Read more



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When I came face-to-face with a glass beast at the Sour Glass warehouse in National City, I knew that, as the CannaBitch, I was going to have to test it out. Read more


In my notes I wrote, “I knew it would suck but not this badly.” Read more


Korean short rib tacos? Fancy double-deckers? The best spots for tortilla-filled goodness Read more

Best of San Diego


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Thanks to the news cycle of the past few weeks, the last thing I wanted delivered to me were vape pens marketed toward women. Read more

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Photo by Jackie Bryant

“Wine, Ibuprofen and water. That should be your regimen,” a friend of mine wrote, imparting her own advice for the same hike, which she completed last year. “Yes, wine, Ibuprofen and water... and edibles, a vape pen, oil and lotion,” I replied. Read more


Anyone who suffered through the Four Loko craze of a decade ago knows the deal: combining uppers and downers is one of the most sought-after drug experiences of all time. Read more