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When I came face-to-face with a glass beast at the Sour Glass warehouse in National City, I knew that, as the CannaBitch, I was going to have to test it out. more


In my notes I wrote, “I knew it would suck but not this badly.” more


Korean short rib tacos? Fancy double-deckers? The best spots for tortilla-filled goodness more

Best of San Diego


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Thanks to the news cycle of the past few weeks, the last thing I wanted delivered to me were vape pens marketed toward women. more

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Photo by Jackie Bryant

“Wine, Ibuprofen and water. That should be your regimen,” a friend of mine wrote, imparting her own advice for the same hike, which she completed last year. “Yes, wine, Ibuprofen and water... and edibles, a vape pen, oil and lotion,” I replied. more


Anyone who suffered through the Four Loko craze of a decade ago knows the deal: combining uppers and downers is one of the most sought-after drug experiences of all time. more