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Here are the CannaBitch picks for this year’s best holiday gifts for cannabis lovers. Read more


On Wednesday, November 20, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would federally decriminalize cannabis. Called the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2019, it passed 24-10 after a lively two-hour debate. Read more


One of the greatest challenges in the emerging legal cannabis industry is the issue of regulation and quality control. Read more


In recent years, Barcelona has become known as a cannabis destination, thanks to its cult-favorite private club culture. Read more



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Lowell Café is the United States’ first open-to-the-public cannabis consumption lounge from California premium cannabis brand Lowell Farms. Read more



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Cannabis and bath products were practically made for one another. Read more


With some ratio tweaks, I have a feeling the smoothie can be made in a way that provides nutritional value and a functional high—I just happened to completely overdo it. Read more

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Urbn Leaf was one of the city’s first licensed recreational dispensaries, helping to set the standard for how the new wave of dispensaries is supposed to look and conduct business. Read more

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For those who missed it: Canada legalized the consumption of cannabis across the board on October 17, 2018, making many of their neighbors to the south (the United States) extremely jealous. Read more


I first wrote about cannabis cocktails in October 2017. Back then, the cannabis world was a different place. Recreational legalization had not yet been implemented in California, so businesses were testing its limits. Read more


Until now, arguably the largest hurdle to success in the cannabis industry has been the lack of banking options available to cannabis companies. Read more


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There can be no doubt that the early days of recreational legalization in California and other states is a very exciting time. Read more



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Like many people out there, the current vaping and pulmonary illness crisis has me confused and nervous. Read more



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Up until, well, just a couple of days ago, I’ll admit to being one of the many people who didn’t think cannabis had much of a place in beverages that traditionally contain alcohol. Read more

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The last time I moved through my menstrual cycle I decided it was a good idea to go au naturel in combating pain and other period-related discomforts. Read more



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When it comes to edibles, gone are the days of suspicious, dank-tasting brownies that grandma might accidentally eat. Read more


Those of us who heavily use any kind of substance are likely familiar with the concept of a “tolerance break.” As the name suggests, it’s a more formal way of describing the practice of abstaining from a substance for a particular length of time. Read more



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Like most trends in our social media-saturated world, it was only a matter of time before cannabis went fancy. Read more



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When I’m not smoking weed and writing about it, I’m eating food and writing about it. So the fact that I’ve had this column for almost a full year and haven’t yet written about munchies is, frankly, unacceptable. Read more


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When it comes to food, one of the subjects nearest and dearest to my heart is the fat category. Read more

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