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According to the limited number of studies conducted on the interactions between selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs, of which Lexapro is one) and cannabinoids, the jury is still out on whether or not this is a good idea. Read more



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When it comes to drinking, District 3 is absolutely spoiled for options. Encompassing the downtown and mid-city neighborhoods, this district is the heart and soul of San Diego’s dining and drinking scenes. Read more

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District 2 is usually the first stop for tourists who visit San Diego. As a result, the city’s beach communities and the people who live there are constantly fighting a battle between old and new. Read more

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As I discussed in my last column, I’m quite new to dabbing, the method of consuming cannabis concentrates which often requires a blowtorch. Read more



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Up until recently, I’ve been something of a purist when it comes to ingesting cannabis. For me, a large part of the romanticism of enjoying weed has to do with the fact that I’m smoking an actual plant. Read more



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In the bar industry, the only constant is change. So it is with City Height’s Til-Two Club (4746 El Cajon Blvd.), which just changed hands again after coming under new ownership in August 2018. Read more

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There’s a growing Instagram and IRL subculture dedicated to changing the stigma on moms who toke up. Read more



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For readers looking for a new way to experience San Diego’s cannabis culture outside their own home this summer, look no further. Read more



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Two South Bay friends, Daniel Peña and Aaron Sillas, are on a mission to change San Diego’s party culture one underground rave at a time. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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For those who’ve never been to a cannabis grow, pictures don’t do the experience justice. Read more



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Smoking weed at Zacaz has been allowed for as long as anyone can remember. Rumors abound as to why that is, seeing as how consuming cannabis in Mexico is illegal and has been since 1920. Read more

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Dogs have the same endocannabinoid system that humans do, so if one understands how CBD affects humans, it’s a short leap to understanding how it can also help our furry friends. Read more



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Modern-day smoking techniques continue to adapt. Some, like vaping, utilize essential oils to achieve the same pleasant goals. I’ve been using Select CBD’s disposable, teal-colored vape pens for over a year. Read more



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Directed by film festival darling Cutter Hodierne (Fishing Without Nets) and starring actress Bella Thorne, the Lowell ad focuses on the American craftsmanship angle a la craft bourbons or beer. Read more


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San Diego is having a bona fide steak moment. In the last few years, not only have a variety of buzzy new names opened up in downtown, but old standards continue to fill seats as well. Read more

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Breakfast and brunch spots in San Diego are a dime a dozen at this point. A town that revolves around tourism and the hospitality industry, San Diego tends to have people with flexible schedules and more free time during the day than in other city. Read more

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On any given day, my email inbox will contain at least 10 press releases for something involving or containing cannabidiol—the cannabis compound more colloquially known as CBD. Read more



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I have never had cancer, and I am certainly not a doctor, but navigating the world of weed? That I can do. Read more



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For stoners looking to get off the couch and into the world come date night, cannabis-infused dinners are an excellent idea. Read more


Even though joints are less common in today’s cannabis culture, enthusiasts know they are the cornerstone to enjoying cannabis. Read more