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Ellis Rose, a local activist and one of San Diego’s 9,000-plus homeless people, jokingly refers to himself as the “poster child” for homelessness in San Diego. more

Aug 16, 2017 10:54 AM News


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Compared to other writers—who ate bugs, face meat and even jellyfish—my choices for this issue may seem dull. But I faced a different sort of challenge: to overcome my dislike of foods that I’ve had somewhat traumatic experiences with in the past. more

Aug 9, 2017 11:13 AM Food Issue


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Local nonprofits, city councilmembers and key business leaders are just a few of the other groups who recently released their big ideas about how to reduce homelessness. more

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A recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration found that LGBTQ individuals were more than twice as likely as heterosexual people to misuse prescription pain relievers. more

Jul 12, 2017 9:00 AM News

GRID Alternatives is a nonprofit which installs free solar panels for low-to-moderate-income houses, to provide sustainable energy and lower energy costs. Residents who qualify for the program don’t pay for the panels or for the installation cost. more

Jul 5, 2017 10:21 AM News


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Homeless women are often more vulnerable than homeless men. Stiles said that although she’s staying in a shelter right now, when she was living on the street, she didn’t sleep unless there was someone she trusted nearby. more

May 24, 2017 11:04 AM News


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Although the American Health Care Act—which would have severely impacted Medicaid funding —was scrapped on March 24 after House leadership decided not to vote on it, the repeal of the ACA remains a top priority for Republicans. more

Mar 29, 2017 11:06 AM News