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The GOP tax plan, which was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, would eliminate several programs and low-income housing tax credits that have supported the development of affordable housing. more

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As the city of San Diego has scrambled to find solutions to the ongoing homelessness and Hepatitis A crises, El Cajon has quietly passed a series of ordinances that some say are unfairly targeting the city’s homeless population more


The issue: San Diego needs more affordable housing, and there are a few potential local ballot measures that aim to make that happen. more

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Who is he? The chef and founder at Eclipse Chocolate Bar and Bistro in South Park. more

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Who is she? The catcher for SDSU’s softball team. more

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Who is he? Nawabi is an assembly District Delegate for the Democratic Party, member of the trustee advisory council for the San Diego Community College District and candidate for the District 6 City Council seat. more

People of the Year

The issue: The San Diego Housing Commission voted unanimously to use $6.5 million from its permanent housing fund to staff three temporary tent shelters for seven months. more

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The city still hasn’t decided how to regulate Airbnb and other short-term vacation rentals. more

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Various advocates have made the case over the years that the downtown building could easily become a homeless shelter. more


San Diego’s beer scene has certainly evolved over the years from a boys’ club into something far more inclusive. However, women still encounter sexist behavior regularly, whether it’s from breweries themselves or the people they’re serving. more


Local immigrant and single mother Silvia Ocampo-Ortiz was deported on Oct. 19, despite having previously been told she could stay in the county so long as she checked in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement regularly. more

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It’s no secret that victims of sexual assault face an incredible amount of difficulty when it comes to having their cases prosecuted. more

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I hate wearing pants. There are very few cities where a person can wear shorts, skirts or sundresses almost year-round, but thanks to both the weather and the laid-back approach to life, San Diego is one of them. more

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced that the city is opening a transitional camp area for the homeless at 20th and B St. near Balboa Park. more

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On Sept. 19, the Lemon Grove City Council approved zoning for a third medical marijuana dispensary. more

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Local activist group Citizens Oversight recently reached a settlement agreement that requires Edison to attempt to relocate the approximately 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste stored next to the now-defunct power plant. more

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When Karma LaDonna found herself in a wheelchair after spending 17 years as a ballroom dancer, she was devastated. more

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As San Diego’s homelessness crisis continues, there’s one vulnerable group that’s often overlooked: college students. more



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Ellis Rose, a local activist and one of San Diego’s 9,000-plus homeless people, jokingly refers to himself as the “poster child” for homelessness in San Diego. more

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