Jeff Terich

San Diego singer/songwriters Jeff Berkley, Veronica May and Shawn Rohlf are all about to release new albums, but they’re going about it in an unconventional way. more

May 23, 2017 6:03 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio

The Heavy Guilt are returning to the stage. After a three-year hiatus, the band will be performing at The Casbah on Friday, June 23. more

May 23, 2017 5:25 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio

I’m admittedly not a big Adicts fan, though I do love a good punk show and, better yet, one that features garage rock legends The Sonics. more

May 23, 2017 5:14 PM If I Were U


Photo by Rebecca DiGiglio

Death Eyes formed in 2014 after Jurado’s group Death Crisis disbanded and Rats Eyes vocalist Gabe Serbian quit to focus on other projects. more

May 23, 2017 3:48 PM Music Feature


Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski

Tokyo-based quintet Kikagaku Moyo (whose name means “geometric shapes”) has, over the course of two full-length albums and three EPs, built up a particular brand of psychedelia that’s unpredictable. more

May 16, 2017 3:04 PM Music Feature


Photo by B+

Thundercat is a pretty talented dude. Sure, he can play bass like a motherfucker, but he’s also not a bad singer and can write a great R&B tune. So yeah, Thundercat can pretty much do it all. more

May 16, 2017 2:40 PM If I Were U

Manuok has been a staple of San Diego indie music for more than a decade, Scott Mercado and company’s first self-titled album having been released in 2005 when it presented the band as a complex and nuanced outlet. more

May 16, 2017 2:27 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio

Young Wildforweb.jpg

Sergey Kolivayko

The Young Wild have released a new web video series, titled You’ve Seen This Before. more

May 16, 2017 2:18 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Tim Saccenti

The newly released Death Peak doesn’t feature any obvious pop singles, but in contrast to much of Clark’s past work, it is actually heavily vocal-centric. more

May 9, 2017 4:35 PM Music Feature


Photo by Sawa

Summer is gearing up to be a busy season for new releases by San Diego bands. more

May 9, 2017 4:16 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by SALT Arts Documentation

Composer and musician Steve Flato is hosting a new podcast that features in-depth interviews with artists in the experimental music community. more

May 9, 2017 4:11 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Marc Sethi

One-man metal maker Author & Punisher recently signed to Relapse, and I’m looking forward to hearing his first album for the label. more

May 9, 2017 3:22 PM If I Were U


Photo by Júnn

With new album in•ter a•li•a, out on Friday via Rise Records, At the Drive-In make the leap from being a short-lived reunion act to being a full-time band again. more

May 2, 2017 4:00 PM Music Feature

Die Mißbildungen Des Menschen’s debut cassette isn’t divided up into songs. Because it’s a cassette, it’s divided up by its sides: The first side is “Electronique,” and the second is “Batterie,” and that’s the tracklist. T more

May 2, 2017 3:41 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio


Image by Summer Luu/Mike Turi

Dream Joints, aka Mike Turi of Wild Wild Wets, is getting ready to release his debut album, Just Like Medicine, via Bleeding Gold Records. more

May 2, 2017 3:25 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio

I’ve been a fan of Tim Kasher’s since he was releasing records with Cursive in the early ‘00s. While his solo material doesn’t rock quite as hard, it definitely has witty wordplay and knack for melody. PLAN more

May 2, 2017 3:12 PM If I Were U

Photographer Becky DiGiglio is showcasing her live music photography at a month-long show at Dark Horse Coffee’s Golden Hill and Normal Heights locations starting on Monday, May 1. more

Apr 25, 2017 3:02 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio

Boston post-hardcore group Pile can make some seriously pummeling punk rock in the vein of ‘90s-era groups on the Touch and Go roster (Jesus Lizard, Shellac, etc.). more

Apr 25, 2017 2:32 PM If I Were U

Demasiado are playing their first show in eight years. The band, which was active between 2006 and 2009, are performing at The Casbah on Saturday, April 29 with The Midnight Pine, BSFB and Madly. more

Apr 25, 2017 1:54 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio

A recurring feature in which we ask local musicians, promoters and others about the music they’ve been digging lately. This time, we focus on the trippiest, stoniest, most psychedelic records they’ve been spinning of late. more

Apr 18, 2017 5:04 PM Notes from the Smoking Patio