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Lost Transmission is a much more diverse set of songs than fivepaw’s debut EP, making connections between ambient and progressive electronic sounds with Krautrock, darkwave and pop. more

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FACS is a band that thrives on gut feeling. While they’re not a band with any specific agenda, there’s an aesthetic cohesion to what they do that makes it wholly their own. more

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If you search for albums tagged “San Diego” on Bandcamp, you’ll find some interesting stuff. In this semi-regular report, we sift through recent postings and relay the findings. more

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The Travelers Club, a locally based group that puts on music events and warehouse shows in San Diego, has announced a new series of audio production classes as part of its Each One Teach One program. more

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Brazilian artist Seu Jorge’s big breakthrough came with the soundtrack of Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, on which he covered a series of Bowie songs. more

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As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing that can’t be improved by adding some heat, whether it’s adding a few slices of jalapeño to a burger or dumping a whole bunch of Sriracha (or ghost pepper paste) into ramen. more

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As I Lay Dying

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In May of 2014, the band’s singer, Tim Lambesis, was sentenced to six years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill his wife in 2013. more

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The duo, comprising Mike Turi and Rory Truesdale, will make their debut at the San Diego Freak Out on June 22 at Helmuth Projects. more

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I’ve never been sure if This Will Destroy You’s name was meant in terms of their sonic power or their emotional weight. more

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Shabazz Palaces have been making music for nearly a decade, and yet that music still sounds as if it’s coming to us from some distant future. more

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“If you don’t like the people you’re making music with, your music is going to reflect that. You’re going to be tired at band practice because you don’t want to be there, you’d rather be at home watching Netflix,” Merullo says. more

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Jeremy Enigk is best known for fronting proto-emo icons Sunny Day Real Estate. But in the ‘90s he released a progressive chamber pop album called Return of the Frog Queen. more

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Though Perrywinkle Beamer contains only six tracks, there’s a great diversity within its brief sampling of synth-funk selections. more

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Unwind Yourself, the monthly R&B and soul happy hour at the Whistle Stop, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. more

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This year marks 10 years since Iceage founded, and they’re arguably a much different band. And considering their youth at the time they started playing together, that was probably inevitable. more

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Picking up where 2016’s Live Isolated left off, Living Posture finds Flores becoming more eclectic with his soundscapes, as well as trimming down their running time. more

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The Che Cafe reopened this month after being closed for a year to have some repairs and renovations done. more

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Curtis Harding plays a psychedelic, garagey style of soul that recalls Sly and the Family Stone, and it’s very cool. But I’m even more enthusiastic about Algiers, whose The Underside of Power was my favorite album of 2017. more

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The members of Parker Meridien aren’t always on the same page. That’s probably true of most bands, but disagreement and debate is central to the local hip-hop band’s creative process. more

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We asked local musicians who they’re voting for during the June primary and got their take on races ranging from Governor to San Diego District Attorney. more

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The trio features Le Chateau vocalist Laura Levenhagen (who’s also a member of Twin Ritual), as well as multi-instrumentalists Eric Flynn and Pat Heaney. more

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