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MC Flow loves weed. That’s probably apparent by the title of her new EP Her Highness, but even before the release of this new marijuana-centric set of songs, she built up a reputation for cannabis-infused rhymes. more

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I’m a sucker for Brazilian artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Os Mutantes, and Bebel Gilberto (daughter of bossa nova legend Joao Gilberto) is no exception. more

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It’s hard to square how music that was once concerned with genuine struggle becoming the sound of privilege. more

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The next installment will be held on April 28 at Helmuth Projects, where it’s most likely to be held regularly going forward. more

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Dani Bell gets revenge on a cheating lover in new video for "Gentleman" more

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Thomas Walsh doesn’t necessarily make it easy to wade through his various releases. He’s recorded and performed under a few different pseudonyms. more

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For the arts non-profit, holding a festival outside of a conventional venue offers a chance to expand the county’s musical map. more

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No matter where Priests play, there’s a good chance the show is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. more

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Bilal doesn’t generally get the kind of critical attention that artists such as D’Angelo or Maxwell do, but the dude still has some similarly strong R&B chops. more

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Rock ‘n’ roll has inspired a lot of brewers to pattern a brew after a band, a song or even a music venue. This is especially true in San Diego. more

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Greta Kline has released dozens of short, lo-fi recordings on Bandcamp under the name Frankie Cosmos. more

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Ahead of Bleeding Gold’s first big festival event, give a spin to these highlights from the label’s ample catalog. more

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When Roger Preston started releasing music through his label Bleeding Gold Records in 2010, he didn’t have much of an agenda. more

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The 10 songs on Clean are largely about trying to leave the past behind. It’s an album about looking for an escape and recovering from past traumas, but its melodies are consistently catchy and often have a soothing, comforting sensibility. more

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Maria Fernanda Molins

Introducing a new monthly playlist of stuff we've been listening to more

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George Clinton really needs no introduction. Anyone with even a passing interest in funk should be well versed in the Parliament and Funkadelic discographies. It’s good for what ails ya more

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Everything on Pasar De Las Luces moves slowly and gracefully, allowing every movement and subtle change in the band’s songs to have their moment. more

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The Routine and Sure Fire Soul Ensemble are two of the funkiest bands that San Diego has to offer, in their own unique ways. more

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If DJ Pnutz has proven anything in the past couple years, it’s that she’s one of the best beatmakers in San Diego—if not the best. more

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A good rehearsal space can be a tricky thing to find for a band with limited resources. Ideally, it should be a place that’s secure, doesn’t require a long drive to get to and doesn’t run the risk of disturbing neighboring residents or businesses. more

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