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Instead of a smelly, overpriced gym, readers should head to one of the many free public “fitness parcourses” peppered throughout the city. Read more

Summer Guide

I’m ready for Chromatics to rip my simple synth-loving heart out. Read more

The Spotlight

Scene building in the BDSM community is not about developing relatable characters with a full narrative arc ahead of them. It’s laying out expectations, boundaries and, most importantly, consent. Read more

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Even in the summer, the approach to Mt. Laguna’s Garnet Peak is not crowded. But today, cold and wintry, it’s practically empty (maybe this should’ve been a sign). Read more

Staycation Issue

Kate Clark is the director of Immigration Services for Jewish Family Service (JFS), and works with the San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN), supporting families in San Diego impacted by increased immigration enforcement. Read more

People of the Year


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"What’s more glamorous than a queen?” If longstanding Balboa Park institutions were to ask themselves that question, it’s still unlikely the answers would result in an after-hours drag show at the museum. Read more

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“When we recorded the soundtrack, Dario Argento asked us to write the music to always feel that the witches are there,” Simonetti says. Read more

Music Feature


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"Who would win in a fight? A shark or a bear?” That’s one of the many questions asked of scientists at Two Scientists Walk into a Bar, a quarterly event coordinated by the Fleet Science Center. Read more



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Johanna Beyer, one of the first women to experiment with electronic instruments, died in 1944, long before her work garnered much attention. Read more

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The group’s frontman is made of hundreds of pounds of steel and seemingly controlled by a mysterious brain encased in glass. Read more



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Secret waterfalls? Mile-high peaks? The best spots for bonding with mother nature Read more

Best of San Diego


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Shirley Jackson sales? Kiddie book nooks? The best spots for bibliophiles young and old Read more

Best of San Diego


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"I’m worried for my daughters. I’m worried about the planet,” says Michelle Montjoy, one of the artists behind To Do: A Mending Project. It’s a month-long residency involving dozens of free workshops and community “mending” times. Read more

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"Ever since I was a kid, I was totally into monsters,” says Sam Lopez. “Everything in my room was just all monsters. It was something I was really drawn to.” Read more

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Brookes, a former Centers for Disease Control microbiologist, has been using his background in biological and empirical methodology in his art for years, creating molecular paintings and interpretations of chemistry. Read more


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Each of her four “ecologies” find root in the car as both a form of access and a literal vehicle by which we experience them: Beaches, Freeways, Sub/Urban and Border. Read more



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Trolley Dances, founded by Jean Isaacs’ San Diego Dance Theater in 1999, takes audiences on a scenic route for site-specific dances peppered along select San Diego trolley stops and lines. Read more

Fall Arts


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They reuse scraps and waste, and create their own waste- or plant-based dyes, pigments and papers. Read more

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Substantial local vegan dishes are hard to find, but I am up for the challenge. Read more

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In its new incarnation, the Brown Building aims to relieve the minority stresses on the queer community as a first line of defense. Read more