Julia Dixon Evans

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Photo by Julia Dixon Evans

Substantial local vegan dishes are hard to find, but I am up for the challenge. more

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Photo by Julia Dixon Evans

In its new incarnation, the Brown Building aims to relieve the minority stresses on the queer community as a first line of defense. more



Stacy Keck

Jean Guerrero is surrounded by demons. In the busy dining room of Kindred, a massive mural of a beast protrudes from the wall behind her, framing her as she recites the final utterance of a spell in Spanish: “Hecho está en el aquí y en el ahora." more



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I’m a sucker for coffee and I’m a sucker for a good cocktail. more

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Hiking the Corte Madera with a little help from an iconic book more

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To be honest, it took me decades to love living here, and while envisioning life in other cities is one thing, it’s now impossible to imagine leaving San Diego. more

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