It’s been a while since I’ve written but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading Ed Decker. His column [“Not singing along to that old time religion,” June 29] caught my attention because I’ve been studying this belief system for some years now a... more

Letters to the Editor

A pivotal two weeks in history are dramatized in Lawrence Wright’s one-act Camp David. more


Only two short months ago, Mayor Kevin Faulconer proudly hopped aboard the Marco Rubio train to the White House, becoming one of seven co-chairs for the Florida senator’s presidential campaign in California leading up to the June primary. more

Spin Cycle


Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

Early last week, Mayor Kevin Faulconer was probably gleefully gazing out his 11th-floor window, envisioning an easy glide into a second term come next June and—by golly, why not!—a shot at the governorship in 2018. more

Spin Cycle

This is in support of the letter from Betty Gillis criticizing the new restaurant El Take It Easy's inclusion of rabbit on its menu [“Mmm… minced kitten,” June 16], with the following addition: While Ms. Gillis emphasized companion anima... more

Letters to the Editor

Tropical punks, an outlaw country singer, the guy behind Bombshell—and 58 other acts we're stoked about this week more

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Chef Wade Hageman, who opened Blanca Restaurant in Solana Beach, was frustrated with what he saw as fine dining exclusivity. When the time came to open his own place, he wanted a concept that would be more accessible. In his words, "I just ... more

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