Kia Momtazi

The swap meet is chaotic. Worn-down wares spill out of vans, tower on tabletops and lie in heaps on tattered blankets. Children are everywhere, running up and down the aisles, getting hauled around in wooden wagons, hustling merchandise. more

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Peter and Gabriel sit with their backs to a garage door, taking shelter from the midday sun in an alley off Park   Boulevard.  more

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Local puppeteers wish their audiences would just grow up--literally more

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Jail might have been better than the streets more

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Tall tales more

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Our weekly series putting names and faces on homelessness more

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Choreograpaher/dancer Brad Lundberg senses a 'spark' more

Fall Arts

2007 SDMA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Nick Reynolds of The Kingston Trio never wanted to be political. He just wanted to be an entertainer. more


Jana sits on a blanket beneath a tree in the northwest corner of Balboa Park. She's surrounded by her boyfriend—snoozing under a pink comforter, despite the heat—a couple of backpacks and her friend's dog, Blondie. more

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Who's really buying into The Secret ? more

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Why does everyone want us to pick a side? more


It somehow seems appropriate that 45-year-old Daniel—who's been homeless for nearly 10 years—should spend his days in Balboa Park reading James Michener's  The Drifters .  more

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For some San Diegans, petroleum is no longer an option more


Liz Edwards tells us how it's done more

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Zoo guide doesn't lack in the spirit department more

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How to be a better restaurant customer more

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Dan Adams hates telling people he paints dogs. He likes dogs and he loves painting, but if he never had to have another "I paint dogs” conversation in his life, he'd probably die a much happier man. more

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Go into The Rubber Rose for a vibrator, come out with an education more

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Move over, Easy Rider-That biker on your tail's a chick more

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A review of Whole Foods more

Backwards & in High Heels