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Before my sister and I leave to see Hamilton, Dua, my three-year-old niece is chatting with her parents at the dinner table. “George Washington was Black,” Dua proclaims. more

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Shortly before his latest book, Norse Mythology, was released, a fan told Neil Gaiman on Facebook that he would not be reading the new collection because, as he understood it, Gaiman was making fun of Donald Trump. more


Around page 64 in Valley of the Horses (because shit yes, I still remember the page) I read my first sex scene: tall, handsome Neanderthal Jondalar deflowers a young woman in her “first pleasures” ceremony. I was 12 and it blew my fucking mind. more

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There were times when people stayed with us, sometimes overnight, sometimes for months. We had a spare room in the back of the house, a thin-walled corner where a cot was set up. more

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Día de los Muertos is a stunning celebration of life and death. The altars are resplendent with color; bright marigolds, sugar skulls, pan de muerto. And white people love that shit. more

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The '90s were hard. I lost my religion, my virginity and my eyebrows. more