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The “cult” in this instance is Tulengua, the bi-national, cross-border, bilingual and multi-racial hip-hop trio made up of Jordan (aka La Reina Negra), Lilienthal (aka alan lili) and Jaime Mora (aka Jimmy, aka Jimmy.thevillain). Read more

Local Music Issue


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Rhythm Box is the second of 12(!) full-length albums that Rafter (who performs under his first name) plans to release over the next 12 months. Read more

Local Music Issue

We only received 77 submissions last year, which was a little scary, but I’m happy to report we received nearly 120 this year (almost a new record). As has always been the case with this issue, the review process was completely luck of the draw. Read more

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So yes, Jake Najor is the ultimate “cool hang,” but if he won’t say it, I will: He’s also a hell of a drummer. Ask Big Daddy Kane. Ask TV on the Radio. Ask Redman or Kelis. Ask Joss Stone or Jason Mraz. Read more

Music Feature

This year we’re changing the name of the Great Demo Review to, simply, the Local Music Review. In a slightly more slimmed-down version of last year’s epic review session, we tackled 77 submissions this time around. Read more

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In the nearly 20 years I’ve been writing about music and arts in this town, the one common thread, the one crucial element to making the scene better has always come down to support. Read more

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It’s taken six years for the members of the veteran San Diego punk band to go from sharing the same stage to turning that kinetic energy into new music. Read more

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Life continued to get in the way of them collaborating again, but then in August of 2016, Reece went to the hospital after suffering from incessant pain. It turned out to be a rare form of stage IV cancer called adenocarcinoma. Read more

Local Music Issue

We received 102 demos this year, a dropoff in submissions that I’m going to go ahead and blame Donald Trump for but by no means a small number, and we reviewed all of them. Read more

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The list of all-ages and 18-and-up venues in San Diego that have come and gone over the past 40 years is too long to list here. But one way or another, under-21 venues in San Diego have a way of coming to an abrupt end. Read more

Local Music Issue

After our first day on set, I understood why child actors are so fucked up: anything you want, it’s yours. Candy, soda, catered meals. It’s a bacchanalian orgy of freedom and hedonism, corrupting kids in the same manner as Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island Read more

Well, That Was Awkward Read more

Local Music Issue

Every spring, more than 100 demo CDs, tapes and MP3 files pile up in CityBeat 's mailbox and email inbox as we prepare for that great annual tradition: The Great Demo Review. Read more

Local Music Issue