Lori Saldana

Lori is loved and trusted and campaigns hard, and she would be a breath of fresh air at City Hall. David Alvarez, an estimable newbie to City Council, is not ready for prime time. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Lori Saldaña, one of two Democrats running against Rep. Brian Bilbray in Congressional District 52, has personally chimed in on this week's Turds & Blossoms  column... Read more

Last Blog on Earth | News

Rep. Brian Bilbray beat his challengers to the punch, the California Secretary of State's campaign-finance database crashed and an invitation to get drunk and run for president. Read more

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Every year, birds and frogs chirp and burp their respective mating songs. In politics—particularly during election years—it's the thump of heavy lumber that seems to drown out the sweet warbles of productive political discourse. Read more

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