Mayor Dick Murphy

Should we go back to your famous 10 goals, a silly list that is but a distant memory by now? Are you still slapping your own back because the downtown ballpark was built during your tenure? more

News & Opinion

Just 14 days after Mayor Dick Murphy's 2002 Blue Ribbon Committee on Finances presented its final report on the city's fiscal health to the City Council, a fax machine in the mayor's office spit out a memo expressing one committee member's ... more


When CityBeat arrived in town in August 2002, the mayor impressed us as an affable guy. He made it through our first 15 issues with scant critique more


Seeing Mayor Dick "Deltoid" Murphy sprinting is about as disorienting as watching him throw a baseball like it's a feather, which is how his inaugural pitch at Petco Park two weeks ago appeared to go. Even he admitted that the first toss ... more

Spin Cycle

It's fair to say that Unwritten Rule No. 1 for any successful press conference is "Don't kill anyone." Last week, San Diego city officials came this close to breaking that rule. more